New Patch - v0.12.5

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New Patch - v0.12.5

by: Diego - 19 Jun 02:41:21


  • [New] Added a character level indicator below the avatar.
  • [New] Title added to NPCs to indicate their roles.
  • [New] Added new NPC "Gatekeeper", who can teleport players near the hunting areas.
  • [New] Added title to the monsters to display their ranks.
  • [New] An overlay system has been added to show the missions in progress on the screen.
  • [New] You can now invite a player to the group by name, for example: /invite player_name
  • [New] Added a title system for players.
  • [New] When dying, a window with a duration of 60 seconds will appear, for the player to return.
  • [New] A new item was created, "Guardian Angel", while using while dead, the player will revive in the same place.
  • [New] Some player titles have been added as reward for missions.
  • [New] A new player revival system has been created.
  • [New] A new vocation of support and healing has been added to the game: Lyrus


  • [Fixed] Objects get stuck on the server, in some cases disconnect.
  • [Fixed] Internal server error when player attempts to leave Hazara Island without completing all missions.
  • [Fixed] Internal server error, when an arrow attempted to hit a dead monster by another player.
  • [Fixed] Position synchronization component, sometimes does not synchronize position of dead players.
  • [Fixed] Forgetfulness potion adds more attribute points than the player possesses.
  • [Fixed] In some rare cases, the equipped item does not save to the database.
  • [Fixed] Internal server error due to high growth of network packet buffer.
  • [Fixed] Some trees were without collision in the trunk.
  • [Fixed] When using return parchment more than once, before the teleportation, errors occur.
  • [Fixed] It's possible to use attribute points while dead.
  • [Fixed] It's possible to use items while dead.
  • [Fixed] Full Screen is scaling the game the wrong way.
  • [Fixed] Full screen sometimes hangs and you can not go back to windowed mode.
  • [Fixed] When walking, incorrect dash dash appears.
  • [Fixed] "Arrow Dance" skill animation is incorrect, the arrows come out from inside the player.
  • [Fixed] Chat tab doen't automatically scrolls down when tab changes.


  • [Improved] Distance where arrows appear on the screen before it appeared inside the player's body.
  • [Improved] The opening and distance of the basic skill of the warrior has been enlarged.
  • [Improved] Reduced the amount of some types of materials, which they dropped in very large quantity, in the chests.
  • [Improved] It is no longer possible to use a return parchment while there is another asset.
  • [Improved] Illumination of the character has been improved so that it appears in times of need.
  • [Improved] To sell an item in the players market, it is now necessary to be in a protected area.
  • [Improved] Monsters who create summons, now have a limit of active summons at a time.
  • [Improved] The effect of paralysis has been reduced on the abilities of all monsters.
  • [Improved] Conditions of paralysis and confusion have received new animations in their effects.
  • [Improved] Lighting system has been improved and now the light is not over the leaves of the trees.
  • [Improved] The game's soundtrack has been completely renovated.
  • [Improved] The sound effects of the game's abilities have been completely renewed.
  • [Improved] The algorithm to detect nearby players has been optimized for better performance.
  • [Improved] Reduction of black scratches at the edges of map sprites.
  • [Improved] Skill animation "Ice Explosion" has been redone.
  • [Improved] Window where the player's equipment has received internal performance improvements.
  • [Improved] The server's network packet settings have been improved for performance.
  • [Improved] Now the arrows of the "Arrow Dance" ability pursue the target's position.