New Version - v2021.10.3

Veterano Elite Legendary

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New Version - v2021.10.3

by: Kahdymus - 08 Sep 13:34:42


1. Several memory management/allocation improvements were made on the server to reduce lag

2. Improvements have been made in communication between purchase processes using Steam Wallet


1. Fixed a bug where sometimes when trying to invite players to the party it showed that an invitation was already in progress.

2. Fixed a bug that allowed high level players to attack protected players if they had some PVP status.


1. It is now no longer possible to use the Gemini teleport function if it has combat status active (just like when trying to use Scroll of Return).

2. Now the game's basic skill auto-attack will activate only when there is target selected or after starting combat, as it normally is in other games. The idea of auto-attack was never to automate the gameplay or the game farm and unfortunately it was being used for that.