New Update - v2021.7.0.1

New Update - v2021.7.0.1

by: Kahdymus - 29 Jun 20:34:50


1. 3 new skins were created: Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Mage and Skeleton Warrior
2. Added an option to teleport from the center of Reptilia to Ebuin Town
3. Now when a PK (red skull) or Outlaw (black skull) player dies, they will respawn in Outlaw Camp. This camp has a store and warehouse NPC.


1. The in-game registration flow has been simplified once again and now only requires the player to enter an email and password. This reduces the amount of text a person has to type, helping especially in mobile cases.
2. The game now allows the player to login using email and password (previously a username and password was required).
3. Now when leveling up or completing a quest, the game will automatically show the way to the next NPC during quests on Hazara Island (tutorial).
4. NPC Yalerik has been brought closer to the other NPCs on the island of Hazara, to assist players who have just started the game.


1. Fixed a bug where Secret Garden NPC Gemini sometimes did not sell their items at a discount.


1. The Shadown Demon respawn has received an increase in its monster density.