New Update - v2021.6.0.0

New Update - v2021.6.0.0

by: Kahdymus - 17 Jun 12:57:09


1. 24 new perfect quality armor pieces have been created (3 full legendary sets)

2. 24 new perfect quality blueprints were created (to craft the new armors)

3. Six new quests were created covering the Winterland map (levels 11, 16, 18, 35, 44 and 60)

4. Now when you click on a character and select him, beside the target at the top of the screen there will be two buttons, one to invite to group/party and another to send private message

5. Now when the player clicks on the Respawn button when dying, he comes back with protection for a few seconds, so that he doesn't die 2x in a row if he still has some condition or some attack that's left deals damage quickly.

6. Created a button that takes you to Telegram's BOSS notification channel directly in the game menu

7. Created a button that takes you to the Wiki directly in the game menu


1. Now the Secret Garden area is a protected area.


1. Improved the registration flow for new players, where you will now need to fill fewer fields

2. The auction search was improved, it was previously impossible to search for the Leather item, as other items appeared in the place

3. The download size of resources (background music, effects, etc) has been reduced by about 40MB less on Android and about 200MB less on PC


1. Fixed the name of the Secret Garden area, which was showing incorrectly and without translation


1. If both players have a level equal or higher than 200, there will be no more restriction by level to start a PVP combat

2. Mastery Quests 1, 2 and 3 had the amount of monsters needed to kill reduced

3. The Blizz monster is now level 12 (previously 9)