New Update - v2021.5.8.0

New Update - v2021.5.8.0

by: Kahdymus - 07 Jun 14:20:50


1. A new NPC called Gemini has been created, which can be manifested through a new item. This NPC will allow players to access shop, teleport and warehouse functions directly in the hunt.

2. A new special area called the Secret Garden has been created. Upon being manifested, NPC Gemini has a 5% chance to show a Teleport option to this location. There, the player can buy some items at a discount, such as Boost Scrolls and Reactive Crystals.

3. Two new items, called Magic Core and Magic Core (Stable) have been created.

- Magic Core: Will be sold by gems and in batch, when used it will manifest NPC Gemini, which has shop functions for buying and selling items, warehouse and teleportation. Allowing the player not to leave their hunt to sell / store loot or teleport to another location. Every time it is used, this item will be consumed 1x.

- Magic Core (Stable): It will also be sold for gems and will have the same function as the other Magic Core, but it is infinite and will never be consumed when used.

- Both magic cores when used will apply an effect on the player himself and all party members for 10 minutes and in order to talk to NPC Gemini, it is necessary to have this effect active.

4. Now BOSS will be announced on a Telegram channel 10 minutes before they appear and also the moment they appear. The channel link is:


1. It will only be possible to start an attack on a neutral player if the level between them is also able to share EXP.

2. Now when dying the player will lose 50% less EXP.

3. Increased the amount of Axitragals in the Reptile desert near the Oasis (mainly on the right side of it)


1. The action of the Reptile Mountain ladders has been improved as they could sometimes fail depending on the player's placement.


1. Corrected description of Scroll of Evolution

2. Fixed visual bug in the window showing player information and not showing the regen interval correctly