New Update - v2021.5.7.0

New Update - v2021.5.7.0

by: Kahdymus - 25 May 17:35:39


1. Now when using a basic boost scroll together with a Reagent Crystal, it will have the same effect as a Sacred Boost Scroll, where the item will not break on failure, but will return to Boost Level 0.

2. Now the BOSS will appear 4 times a day instead of 3, at 5am, 11am, 6pm and 11pm (GMT+0 time)

3. Now at BOSS time, it will first be announced which BOSS will appear and after 10 minutes BOSS will actually respawn, giving players time to leave their hunts and go to the correct BOSS location

4. Now the Guardian Angel item will protect the player from losing EXP/AXP when dying. Using it will activate a buff that lasts 30 minutes, and upon dying, the player will not lose EXP or AXP, however the Guardian Angel's effect will be removed and the player will need to use another one.

5. It is now possible to lose level when dying. This change also applies to both Base Level and Attributes. If the base level is lower than necessary to use an item that is equipped, the attack/defense of that item will be ignored in the damage formula and it will be shown with a red color in the equipment window.

6. The EXP and AXP boosters can now be used in conjunction with active premium, however they will only have half of their effect (25%). If used without an active premium, their effect is 50%.

7. A new item has been created that allows you to evolve the Base Level of the items, this item is called "Upgrade Scroll" and will be created by the Alchemists. When using the Upgrade Scroll, the item's Base Level will increase +1. It will not be possible to increase this level beyond the maximum level of the player's profession.


1. The Awesome Health Serum now no longer has the Regeneration effect it used to have for a while after use.

2. The system of losing XP when dying has been modified. Before, 15% of the amount of EXP gained between one level and another was lost. Now you will have 50% of the total between one level and another. This change applies to both Base Level and Attributes.

3. The Guardian Angel item do not ressurrect players anymore, it only adds a EXP/AXP protection buff.

4. The division of EXP / AXP in group has changed, now it is bigger according to the number of different classes in the group, being like this:

     - 2 different classes: 70% bonus

     - 3 different classes: 80% bonus

     - 4 different Classes: 90% Bonus

     - 5 Different Classes: 100% Bonus

     - Each equal class still has a bonus of only 30%



1. The color of the character's life bar when not part of a group is now green, to differentiate between monsters.