New Patch - v2020.2.17

New Patch - v2020.2.17

by: Kahdymus - 13 Oct 00:49:41

*automatically translated*


- The server received a BIG improvement in the performance of the monster physics calculation. Even before when the monsters were dormant (when there is no player nearby) the physics system still took these monsters into consideration, now these monsters will be disregarded from the physics system, this generated a gain between 6x and 10x in the server's CPU usage.

- Security routines have been added to prevent incorrect loading of character data during login (sometimes the character logged into items in the body or inventory)


- Now only the region that the player is in is loaded into memory, when the player changes regions, a LOADING screen will be presented and then the old region will be released from memory and the new one will be loaded, this will make the game consume less CPU, GPU and Memory.


- The target system has been improved, and now the game will keep a selected target, even if it goes out of range, so when it comes back close to the target, it will be prioritized


- Now all Life Serums have a usage time of 5 seconds.

- The damage formula of the skills / abilities has been revised and now the power of the skills are really taken into account, that is, a skill with power 100 will do twice as much damage as a skill with power 50.

- The density of respawns was reduced GLOBALLY, the game was going to a path where more and more respawns had to be more and more dense, and this is bad for the game / server, besides giving advantages to classes with a lot of damage in AoE (area damage)

- Area damage from ALL classes for the basic skill has been removed, as classes that had an area attack in the basic attack had a major advantage in PVE over melee classes

- The Sentinel class now using the Skill receives 50% damage reduction instead of 20%, to match the new rule that no class has area damage with basic attacks

- Harpy area is now a PVE area and no longer PVP


- Wall collisions on the map have been fixed so that monsters and characters are no longer thrown into walls.