New Patch - v2020.2.15

New Patch - v2020.2.15

by: Diego - 05 Aug 21:08:43

*automatically translated*


1. The game now has 4 types of areas: Protected Area, PVE Area, PVP Area and Event Area

    1.1. Protected Area: It already exists today, are places like cities, ports, etc., where it is not possible to deliver any offensive skills.

    1.2. PVE Area: These will be areas where there is no possibility of giving PK, a player may try to hit another one, but will write the word "Protected" (as it happens with players below 25). However, if the other player also tries to apply damage and both have PVP status (orange skull) the fight can be done normally. But no one will be PK and if the player who was attacked does not fight back, he will not die, as "Protected" will appear instead of the damage. (BOSS areas will always be like this, to avoid BOSS monopoly)

    1.3. PVP Area: These will be areas that will work exactly as they are today, with PK being possible in the same way that it is today. As they are more risky areas, the density of respawns will be better than PVE areas.

    1.4. Events Area: These will be areas where the player can open PVP / PK, die that no one receives any punishment. As an example, they will be areas where BOSS spawn events, or PVP events, or even some castle / war domination system will take place, where players must fight to conquer the place.


1. The EXP / AXP group sharing system has been reworked, now each level of mastery of the character will expand 3 levels in the range of levels that can be shared. For example, a player who has Mastery Level 5 will be able to share EXP / AXP with players up to 35 levels apart. The rule will always be: 20 + (Mastery x 3)

2. The Power Abusers protection system has also been reworked and starts to work in a similar way to the EXP sharing system, following the same rule: 20 + (Mastery x 3), but with the difference that from level 200 onwards there is no longer any type of protection (remembering that now the PK is only possible in areas called "PVP Area").

3. The projectiles (arrows, fireball, etc.) are now more intelligent and adjust their trajectory, so that it is possible to hit moving targets.


1. Fixed bug that caused characters to be synchronized tremendously, as if they had lag

2. Fixed bug that when multiple clicks on goal tracking, started multiple tracking

3. Fixed bug that allowed mastery book to be used before mastery level 10