New Patch - v2020.2.12

New Patch - v2020.2.12

by: Kahdymus - 29 Jul 10:03:33

*automatically translated*


1. Layout of items in the auction has been improved so that the button is not on top of the information


1. Boss reward chests are now linked to the character


1. Warrior Skill, Charge, no longer locks the character

2. Warrior skill, Doom strike, no longer locks the character

3. Warrior skill, Fury, now applies its area effects to up to 7 characters

4. The Warrior's HP gained per health point has been increased from 46 to 48

5. Warrior skill, Charge, had cooldown reduced from 24 to 16

6. Warrior Skill, Charge, now has instant cast time

7. Warrior Skill, Charge, had its range expanded from 2 to 2.5

8. Warrior Skill, Charge, now maintains the character with Dash effect for 1 second

9. Reduced the chance of using the Minotaur and Cyclops monsters blessing from 30% to 10%

10. Minotaur and Cyclops monsters' blessing power reduced from 35% to 10%

11. Monster aggression has been modified according to the location and strength of the monsters, stronger and farther monsters are more aggressive now


1. Fixed bug that allowed very fast clicks influencing the speed of the character / item collection

2. Bug in EXP / AXP distribution where sharing between players with more than 20 levels of difference in the same group was fixed

3. Fixed bug where the name of the ADM character appeared in the list of characters in the group.

4. Corrected name of the Stepped skill book, as it still had the name Earthquake