New Patch - v2020.2.11

New Patch - v2020.2.11

by: Kahdymus - 26 Jul 04:13:27

*automatically translated*


1. Now the game also shows the projection of the AXP / m on the XP bar


1. The minimap camera is further away for a better view of the character's surroundings

2. The altar stairway where the Zealosh Memory is located has been modified so that novice players can see it more easily

3. Another Champion Spider has been added near NPC Derek, so novice players can find it more easily


1. Lyrus' ability, Karma, now no longer locks the character

2. Lyrus's ability, Karma, now hits 5 targets instead of 4

3. Lyrus' Karma skill has a cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds

4. Lyrus' ability, Lotus, now activates his passive with a 10% chance and no more 5%

5. Lyrus, Lotus's ability to activate his passive has a 75% chance to activate a 35% power blessing or 25% chance to activate the regen

6. Lyrus' ability, Lotus, now has splash damage on up to 4 targets + the main target (total 5 targets). The main target will always take 100% of the damage, but the additional targets will have a penalty of 5% less damage per target, that is, if they reach the 5 targets it will be 100% damage to the main and the others will take 75% of the damage. caused.

7. Lyrus 'passive ability that increased the weapon's attack by 7% for each active blessing (max. 5) has been removed, and these values ​​have been diluted around Lyrus' attributes, abilities and mechanics.

8. Lyrus' ability, Luminaire, now cuts through monsters so that he can heal targets in front of them.

9. Lyrus's ability, Luminaire, has been extended

10. Monsters now chase players for a 3x longer distance, allowing the player to kayitar better

11. The monsters' distance of aggression has been halved, allowing the player to move around better at times when he does not want to engage in combat

12. Bats' respawn has been improved in the Niruth Valley cave, more Veteran and Elite bats have been added to help beginner missions

13. Scorpions' respawn had its density slightly increased

14. Evergreens respawn has had its density considerably increased


1. The Carverneiro monster's sprite has been fixed, because when he died, it became tiny

2. Fixed bug that caused the player to be 100% invisible to himself and the members of the group, which in fact in these cases is only to be translucent

3. Fixed bug in Lyrus' Luminaire ability that prevented it from working properly

4. Fixed bug that did not start combat / fight mode when using skills that no longer hinder character walking

5. Fixed server error that sometimes occurred when trying to calculate EXP of group members away from the monster

6. Fixed bug in the text on one of the stairs of the Abandoned Mines