New Patch - v2020.2.9

New Patch - v2020.2.9

by: Kahdymus - 21 Jul 22:06:14

*automatically translated*


1. The game now has a new Blocking system, where the shields have a percentage chance to block the blow.


1. The entire game GUI received an improvement in text size, icon size, position adjustments, text contrast, etc.

2. The character's lighting system has been refurbished and now uses the same system as the environment / caves, which in addition to being lighter, is more beautiful :)

3. The SHIFT and CONTROL key had their functionality reversed, because when using SHIFT to start the Dash together with NumPad keys there is a conflict with Windows shortcuts.


1. Now the Protector skill, Intervention, will pull the aggression of the monsters that hit, causing them to attack for 5 seconds. This will allow a Protector to "jump" on top of a monster and take away the danger from his group partners.

2. The Protector's basic skill range has been increased from 0.48 to 0.64

3. The cooldown of the basic Protector skill has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.4 seconds

4. Attack of all swords has been increased by 5%

5. The defense of the swords was reversed with the defense of the shields, as they were more defensive than the shields

6. The Protector skill, Ira, now transfers 35% levels of Resistance attributes to Power while active. (Before, anger increased current power by 70% and reduced current resistance by 70%)

7. Now each level of the Power attribute increases 1.67 attack for the Protector (before it was 1.65)

8. The Protector ability, Denial, now reflects the damage back to the attacker, calculating the damage on the attacker himself. (That is, it is as if the attacker strikes himself)

9. The Protector skill, Denial, has its duration reduced from 9 seconds to 5 seconds.


1. Fixed shop buttons and forge with inverted icons