New Patch - v2020.2.7

New Patch - v2020.2.7

by: Kahdymus - 19 Jul 13:22:25

*automatically translated*


1. It is now possible to produce 10x or 100x batch items in the forge

2. Now in the EXP progress bar it will show information on how much EXP your character is doing per MINUTE

3. Icons have been added to serve as markers on the map in locations that have NPCs following a pattern to facilitate recognition of NPCs of the same type


1. When using the forge, now only one sound effect will be triggered and only for the player who is using it (before there was a glow too and the effect was for all players close to the character)

2. The visual effects of Lyrus' blessings now appear every 3 seconds and no longer 1 second (this change is only visual and does not influence usage)

3. The visual effects of Protector's blessings now appear every 3 seconds and no longer 1 second (this change is only visual and does not influence usage)


1. Now when a monster gets confused, it will return to the same target it was before as soon as the effect wears off


1. The animation of the Basic Attack of ALL vocations is now faster (only visual change, as the recharge time remains the same)

2. Now Basic Attacks will no longer lock the character when attacking, allowing for even more fluid and fun movement

3. The lock time that prevents the character from using teleportation scroll and disconnecting from the game has been reduced from 30s to 15s

4. The GUI had some minor adjustments: level indicator and vocation icon at the top left of the screen, improvement in the contrast of some texts and improvement in the EXP bar text

5. The density of monsters has been increased for the following respawns: Dark Demon, Lycanthrope and Noctus


1. Fixed bug where when a monster uses invisibility ability, their names are invisible, but the body does not

2. Fixed bug that caused the character's target to return to a dead monster if it had applied a negative condition (DoT) to its character

3. Fixed bug where the Wooden Arrow did not appear for purchase at NPCs

4. Fixed bug where the monster kept the target on the same character even after dying, so passive monsters respawn and were already on top of the character

5. Bug fix that prevented showing item information when leaving the mouse over the Item Bar

6. Correction of the BOSS Hagurou sprite when dying

7. Correction of the Vespa monster sprite when dying

8. Fixed bug that used EXP as the basis for removing attributes and not AXP