New Patch - v2020.2.1

New Patch - v2020.2.1

by: Diego - 09 Jul 01:03:00

*Automatic Translated*


  • It is now possible to evolve the Mastery Level up to 20 using Mastery Books
  • A new teleportation point has been added for "Hunters' Passage" in the Ice Lands
  • Click the button to organize items in the Warehouse
  • A new sentinel bow skin has been created
  • Gold coin reward for tasks required
    • Veteran: 7500 coins
    • Elite: 15000 coins
    • Champion: 40000 coins
    • Legendary: 75000 coins
    • Epic: 120000 coins


  • Now as tasks restarted at a fixed time (at 21h GMT3 or in the case 0h GMT0)
  • As a reward for daily login, restart at a fixed time (at 21h GMT3 or in the case 0h GMT0)


  • The game's FPS limiter can reach up to 300 (more remembered, the higher the FPS, the more CPU or game the game will consume)


  • Fixed bug that if any other player passes through your screen and leaves, as lights (torches, crystals, etc.) go out
  • Fixed the error that when converting stones to create they came with a level greater than 1
  • Fixed bug that prevents player from watching some portals
  • Fixed an error that used EXP as a basis for attribute loss when using AXP
  • Fixed bug that when trying to collect items in the warehouse, some items were lost