New Patch - v1.0.12

New Patch - v1.0.12

by: Diego - 08 May 00:08:03


  • It is now possible to use the right mouse click to attack.


  • Fixed bug that prevented basic auto-attack from working correctly when pressed with button 1.
  • Correction of some points of the lighting that were very bright.
  • Fixed a bug where the basic Sentry skill passive gave a blessing of Power instead of Precision.
  • Fixed a bug in the projectiles (arrows, fireballs, etc.), in which they passed straight from the monster they were supposed to crash into, giving the impression that they had not hit.
  • Corrected the scale of the mouse body sprite.
  • Correction of path that could not pass in respawn of harpies.
  • Bug fix that NPC Bella defined the player as an Ebuin citizen even when the player was already a citizen.


  • The basic auto-attack system has been improved, before it was slower than pressing the key, it is now the same speed.
  • Internal buffer control system has been improved (less server consumption and more performance)
  • Niruth Valley lighting has been darkened to give it a dark valley feel
  • The daily reward window now opens automatically at login if a reward is available, so the player does not forget to get the reward.
  • The accepted distance to collect an item from the floor by clicking has been slightly increased.
  • Now if the player clicks to collect an item too far away, the character will walk to the clicked location instead of displaying a message that needs to get closer.
  • The reward for the level 5 mission, Arachnophobia, has been changed. Before, a healing skill book was given, but this same book was won before, now a 30-minute Experience Booster will be given.
  • The speed of the lights that guide the player to the goal or a new mission has been increased.
  • The inventory scroll bar scroll is now 50% faster.