New Patch - v1.0.5

New Patch - v1.0.5

by: Kahdymus - 01 Apr 13:58:18


  • It is now possible to collect up to 750 items in the same slot, instead of just 250
  • It is now possible to send coins to another player even if he is offline. The coins will be available in the Market Deposit for withdrawal by any character from the player's account. It will also be possible to send to other characters from the account itself.


  • Some low level monsters are now passive (attack only if attacked). Monsters: Fire Imp, Spider, Burning Rat and Blizz
  • Reduced the time BOSS Gaarukai tries to use his healing ability. Reduction from 3.6s to 10s.
  • The range of BOSS Gaarukai attacks has been expanded by 2x
  • The power of some BOSS Gaarukai attacks has been increased by 2x (only for single target attacks)


  • Fixed bug that still allowed a character to reach craft level 106, when the correct one is 105.
  • Correction of errors generated on the server by Explosive Arrows and Fireballs and prevented the monster from completing its respawn.
  • Correction of errors generated on the server by the Dance of the Arrows skill.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the value of attribute points that returned using the Forgetfulness Potion was incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where the server sent the monster respawn effects to all players, even if the players were out of sight.
  • Correction of visual bug that cut some numbers of hit points of monsters with a lot of life.
  • Fixed bug where item icons were stuck on the screen when dragging too quickly.
  • Fixed bug where trying to sell more items than the maximum allowed per "stack", sold only the maximum amount of stack at a time.
  • Bug fix that when dragging an item in the inventory with any button other than the left, the item was dropped on the floor, even if the player had dragged it into the inventory.
  • Correction of visual bug that allowed to enter a number greater than the number of items that the player has in the inventory to sell an item in the NPC.
  • Removed old elite skin that was being added when creating characters (this skin is no longer used in the game, since the base skin is already the elite skin for players with a pack)