New Patch - v1.0.4

New Patch - v1.0.4

by: Diego - 30 Mar 13:27:04


  • It is now possible to choose the level of the item to be forged, as long as this level is up to the level of the player's profession.
  • The BOSS Gaarukai now drops all level 103 Epic/Legendary armor pieces.


  • Changed the color of the Master Blueprint not to be confused with the Death Contract
  • Reduction of the size of the prey sprite, because it was too big
  • BOSSes respawn message will now be sent as soon as they are born and not when someone gets close, this will inform everyone that BOSS is alive.
  • Items dropped from all BOSSes have been revised.
  • Epic and Ascended chests, will not drop more: Blueprints, Books, Food and Scrolls, so you will have a chance to drop better things.
  • Masterwork Chest, will no longer drop: Books and Scrolls, so you will have a chance to drop better things.
  • Now if the player tries to create an item in the forge with no inventory space, a message will be displayed warning instead of the item falling to the ground.
  • Now when the player dies, your item will be on the ground for 15 minutes and not just 5 minutes, so that you have more chances of returning to the place and recovering it.
  • The drop-rate of weapons and armor on the Gaarukai and Froshya BOSSes has been reduced.
  • Added music for the BOSS Gaarukai respawn.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to use a return scroll off the tutorial island before completing missions
  • Fixed a bug on the server where the monster positions list is never emptied and grows with each respawn.
  • BOSS Gaarukai respawn message translation has been fixed
  • Fix monsters that spawn invisibly and cannot attack
  • Bug fix that did not allow using the Luminaire skill, if the Lyrus passive healing ability was active
  • Fixed bug where Lyrus' passive skill applied attack bonuses for more than 5 blessings.
  • Fixed bug where gems do not appear to buy at auction.
  • Fixed bug that allowed to raise the profession level beyond 105.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly changed the icon when dragging an item from the auction to the inventory
  • Fixed visual layer bug at the entrance to the vampire hunt.
  • Fixed a bug where the item was still on the sale list even after all units were sold.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to use Forgetfulness Potion with active Wrath and then have both power and puffed defense.
  • Fixed bug where the message "Loading" was always on the screen, when the player connected to the island of BOSS Gaarukai.
  • Fixed bug when dropping blueprints from chests, they came in large quantities.