New Patch - v1.0.0

New Patch - v1.0.0

by: Kahdymus - 06 Mar 13:15:04


  • You can type letters in the quantity fields of stores
  • "Bzz the Buzz" mission is not giving EXP as a reward
  • Bug fix that set the spawn point for Ebuin Harbor when the player returned to Hazara Island
  • Bug fix that prevents player from disconnecting in battle
  • Bug fix that the explosive arrow does not activate Stun of the Stunning Shot skill


  • XP reduction of Mid and End Game monsters
  • Increased strength of guards to kill PKs and Monsters more quickly
  • If the player has an active "Resurrection" condition he will not lose XP when he dies
  • Added 10% fee to post an item to sell at auction
  • If Lyrus uses the Luminaire skill without a target, a healing condition will be added for 6 seconds and will not fire the health sphere, if there is a target, healing will be 3 seconds and the sphere will fire.
  • Protector Skill "Wrath" now lasts for 10 minutes and can be canceled if the player uses it again before the effect ends
  • Base attributes of vocations have been modified to be better scaled with mastery
  • Reduced monster attack strength by 15% to assist solo players
  • Group XP bonus calculation change. Now only each DIFFERENT vocation in the group will add a 20% bonus. Similar vocations will not apply additional bonuses
  • Sentinel Skill "Touch of Nature" now triples movement speed for 5 seconds and applies Dash condition (dodge all hits) for 3 seconds instead of applying invisibility for 5 seconds
  • Elementor skill "Morning Breath" now heals Confusion and also applies 5 seconds of invisibility
  • Warrior Skill "Rage" now requires the player to have 80% or less of life in order to be used instead of 70% or less
  • Warrior Skill "Crush of Doom" will now apply heavy bleeding rather than confusion.
  • Warrior Skill "Defiance" now heals 50% of life instead of 40%
  • Warrior skill "Triple Thrust" now applies bleed condition to target


  • Added blacksmith title to NPC Herold Ironhead
  • Added a slightly darker background to the mission overlay to aid reading
  • A TEMPORARY command was created (until there was an email system in the game) to send coins to another player. Usage example: /transfergold jhon;1000 (will transfer 1000 coins to the jhon player)
  • Items for sale at the auction now have a 30-day time limit, after which the item will return to the player's Market Deposit
  • It is now also possible to collect items using the SPACEBAR and not just the F key. Avoiding accidentally starting actions when you want to collect items.
  • Possibility to use the Left Shift and Right Shift keys to activate the Dash
  • Skills are now sorted by level in the skill book window