New Patch - v0.17.0

New Patch - v0.17.0

by: Diego - 11 Feb 14:20:25


  • New map MUCH bigger and completely made from scratch
  • Starter island, with missions that will help new players understand the game
  • It is now possible to see the difference in Damage / Defense between the equipped item and the inventory item
  • New potions have been created, with healing based on the potion level
  • New title: Soldier of the Order
  • Tracking system for mission objectives, when the objective is to face a monster or talk to an NPC


  • Exit game button on the login screen
  • Button to return to login on the character selection screen
  • Blueprints now have different colors according to the type
  • Gem packs to sell with discounts according to quantity
  • Description of some skills have been improved
  • Material drop has been revised on all monsters
  • When forging a higher level item, the QUALITY of the previous item will be maintained for the forged item (the RARITY will still be random)


  • XP gain was slightly reduced
  • BOSSES 'HP has been expanded
  • Some missions had their objectives increased, as they were very easy
  • Gems purchased items no longer have NPC value
  • Now, health potions created by alchemists heal based on% HP, while potions sold in NPCs, have a fixed cure according to the potion level.
  • A limit of items for sale in the auction has been created
  • Reduction of casting time / launch of the Warriors' Coup skill


  • Attack of the arrows was not counted in the player's equipment window
  • Explosive arrow activates multiple burns on the same monster in a single shot