New Patch - v0.16.7

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New Patch - v0.16.7

by: Diego - 10 Jun 00:55:31


  • Alchemist items are not grouping in same slot
  • Finally fixed infinite loading in the market window
  • Regeneration of monsters sometimes active after confusion or invisible skills
  • Blueprint Material Chainmail Footgear is requiring for a Chain Pants instead of a Chain Boot
  • Number of Royal Arrows needed to make Seraph Arrows is incorrect
  • Window shortcuts work when typing in chat, disrupting typing
  • It is possible to walk away from the NPC with the craft window open


  • Do not randomize potions and usable items in craft
  • Beak item drop rate was increased on all monsters
  • Change in the way items escalate their selling price to NPC. Quality was greatly influencing the value and the arrows are without influence