New Patch - v0.12.8

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New Patch - v0.12.8

by: Diego - 04 Jul 23:52:51


  • [Fixed] Group system, does not show the life of players who are nearby
  • [Fixed] Group system, does not show group members correctly when 3 or more members are invited
  • [Fixed] Layer of characters sprites overlapping
  • [Fixed] Group command /invite is generating server errors
  • [Fixed] Window that shows the participants of the group is above the player's portrait
  • [Fixed] Game stays stuck in "Loading ..." screen and does not connect
  • [Fixed] Collision Bug in Lava Slimes, where you can attack them from different floor
  • [Fixed] Some arrows and fireballs are not stuck on the client, causing a drop in FPS
  • [Fixed] Character hangs when attacking, but others keep moving
  • [Fixed] Movement by mouse hangs randomly
  • [Fixed] Black scratches in the scenario sprites


  • [Improved] Group invitation was updated in the help window
  • [Improved] NPC Thognor damage, on the island, has been reduced
  • [Improved] A resource manager has been developed with a cache, so now the sprites loads faster
  • [Improved] Optimized the amount of UDP packets from the server to the client
  • [Improved] Player's trajectory routines, when clicking with the mouse, have been optimized
  • [Improved] Lighting system has been optimized, generating a gain of up to 100% more FPS on some computers
  • [Improved] A new fallback routine to save player data was added when the server closes
  • [Improved] Many scripts that generated network traffic unnecessary were removed
  • [Improved] Routine of saving player data in the database is now synchronized more efficiently