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New Update - v2021.6.0.0

by: Kahdymus - 17 Jun 12:57:09


1. 24 new perfect quality armor pieces have been created (3 full legendary sets)

2. 24 new perfect quality blueprints were created (to craft the new armors)

3. Six new quests were created covering the Winterland map (levels 11, 16, 18, 35, 44 and 60)

4. Now when you click on a character and select him, beside the target at the top of the screen there will be two buttons, one to invite to group/party and another to send private message

5. Now when the player clicks on the Respawn button when dying, he comes back with protection for a few seconds, so that he doesn't die 2x in a row if he still has some condition or some attack that's left deals damage quickly.

6. Created a button that takes you to Telegram's BOSS notification channel directly in the game menu

7. Created a button that takes you to the Wiki directly in the game menu


1. Now the Secret Garden area is a protected area.


1. Improved the registration flow for new players, where you will now need to fill fewer fields

2. The auction search was improved, it was previously impossible to search for the Leather item, as other items appeared in the place

3. The download size of resources (background music, effects, etc) has been reduced by about 40MB less on Android and about 200MB less on PC


1. Fixed the name of the Secret Garden area, which was showing incorrectly and without translation


1. If both players have a level equal or higher than 200, there will be no more restriction by level to start a PVP combat

2. Mastery Quests 1, 2 and 3 had the amount of monsters needed to kill reduced

3. The Blizz monster is now level 12 (previously 9)

New Update - v2021.5.8.0

by: Kahdymus - 07 Jun 14:20:50


1. A new NPC called Gemini has been created, which can be manifested through a new item. This NPC will allow players to access shop, teleport and warehouse functions directly in the hunt.

2. A new special area called the Secret Garden has been created. Upon being manifested, NPC Gemini has a 5% chance to show a Teleport option to this location. There, the player can buy some items at a discount, such as Boost Scrolls and Reactive Crystals.

3. Two new items, called Magic Core and Magic Core (Stable) have been created.

- Magic Core: Will be sold by gems and in batch, when used it will manifest NPC Gemini, which has shop functions for buying and selling items, warehouse and teleportation. Allowing the player not to leave their hunt to sell / store loot or teleport to another location. Every time it is used, this item will be consumed 1x.

- Magic Core (Stable): It will also be sold for gems and will have the same function as the other Magic Core, but it is infinite and will never be consumed when used.

- Both magic cores when used will apply an effect on the player himself and all party members for 10 minutes and in order to talk to NPC Gemini, it is necessary to have this effect active.

4. Now BOSS will be announced on a Telegram channel 10 minutes before they appear and also the moment they appear. The channel link is:


1. It will only be possible to start an attack on a neutral player if the level between them is also able to share EXP.

2. Now when dying the player will lose 50% less EXP.

3. Increased the amount of Axitragals in the Reptile desert near the Oasis (mainly on the right side of it)


1. The action of the Reptile Mountain ladders has been improved as they could sometimes fail depending on the player's placement.


1. Corrected description of Scroll of Evolution

2. Fixed visual bug in the window showing player information and not showing the regen interval correctly

New Update - v2021.5.7.0

by: Kahdymus - 25 May 17:35:39


1. Now when using a basic boost scroll together with a Reagent Crystal, it will have the same effect as a Sacred Boost Scroll, where the item will not break on failure, but will return to Boost Level 0.

2. Now the BOSS will appear 4 times a day instead of 3, at 5am, 11am, 6pm and 11pm (GMT+0 time)

3. Now at BOSS time, it will first be announced which BOSS will appear and after 10 minutes BOSS will actually respawn, giving players time to leave their hunts and go to the correct BOSS location

4. Now the Guardian Angel item will protect the player from losing EXP/AXP when dying. Using it will activate a buff that lasts 30 minutes, and upon dying, the player will not lose EXP or AXP, however the Guardian Angel's effect will be removed and the player will need to use another one.

5. It is now possible to lose level when dying. This change also applies to both Base Level and Attributes. If the base level is lower than necessary to use an item that is equipped, the attack/defense of that item will be ignored in the damage formula and it will be shown with a red color in the equipment window.

6. The EXP and AXP boosters can now be used in conjunction with active premium, however they will only have half of their effect (25%). If used without an active premium, their effect is 50%.

7. A new item has been created that allows you to evolve the Base Level of the items, this item is called "Upgrade Scroll" and will be created by the Alchemists. When using the Upgrade Scroll, the item's Base Level will increase +1. It will not be possible to increase this level beyond the maximum level of the player's profession.


1. The Awesome Health Serum now no longer has the Regeneration effect it used to have for a while after use.

2. The system of losing XP when dying has been modified. Before, 15% of the amount of EXP gained between one level and another was lost. Now you will have 50% of the total between one level and another. This change applies to both Base Level and Attributes.

3. The Guardian Angel item do not ressurrect players anymore, it only adds a EXP/AXP protection buff.

4. The division of EXP / AXP in group has changed, now it is bigger according to the number of different classes in the group, being like this:

     - 2 different classes: 70% bonus

     - 3 different classes: 80% bonus

     - 4 different Classes: 90% Bonus

     - 5 Different Classes: 100% Bonus

     - Each equal class still has a bonus of only 30%



1. The color of the character's life bar when not part of a group is now green, to differentiate between monsters.

New Update - v2021.5.6.0

by: Kahdymus - 17 May 18:21:01


1. Now when a player in the group does not share EXP, he will have a yellow health bar.


1. The maximum profession level was increased from 300 to 450. One of the things that players were giving feedback was that it was easy to hunt in Noctus and difficult in Reptilia, now with equipment that can reach level 450 it will allow for a better hunt in Reptilia.

2. The purchase price of the Reagent Crystal has been reduced from 1kk to 750k

3. Now there is a chance to drop Reagent Crystal in Epic chests (with the same chances that you had before removing them in chests).

4. All entrances for BOSSEs now no longer have a minimum level. Any character will be able to enter the BOSS areas.

5. Now the BOSSEs will respawn at fixed times: at 12pm(midday), at 4pm and at 23pm (GMT +0). Which BOSS will appear at these times will still be random, but the server will not spawn the same BOSS within a 24 hour period.


1. The entire EXP and reward system for monsters has been rewritten to optimize CPU consumption in cases with many players (example BOSS with many players).

2. Several optimizations have been made so that less CPU is consumed in the case of many players in the same location using skills.

Nova Versão - v2021.5.5.6

by: Kahdymus - 10 May 15:35:58


1. An item was added to the gem shop to change the character's gender

2. An item has been added to the gem shop to change the character's name


1. The character description source for mobile on the creation screen has been improved


1. When using the "remedy" potion with the PVP active, it will no longer activate the 5 second duration effect

2. If you activate the PVP with the effect of the "medicine" potion, it will be removed

3. When using the "antidote" potion with the PVP active, it will no longer activate the 5 second duration effect

4. If you activate the PVP with the effect of the "antidote" potion, it will be removed


1. A bug in the "Restriction" skill that did not open PVP when used on players has been fixed

2. A bug in the initial storyline window has been fixed

New Version - v2021.5.5.0

by: Kahdymus - 30 Apr 13:19:54


1. Added the first version of the anti-AFK/BOT system.

2. A new offensive skill was created for Lyrus, called Nirvana (It's available on NPC Alec at Ebuin Town).

3. Now when using the Remedy item, in addition to removing the Stun, the player will be protected against new Stuns for 5 seconds.

4. Now when using the Antidote item, in addition to removing the Poison, the player will be protected against new Poison for 5 seconds.

5. Wood, Iron, Noble and Seraph equipment will now be able to drop from monsters. Skyforged and Perfect equipment have yet to be obtained by Crafting.


1. Changed the chance to apply Stun from 10% to 5% on monsters: Harpy and Bat

2. Changed the chance to apply Stun from 30% to 5% on monsters: Vine and Man Eater

3. Sentinel's Skill, Unload, has it's power increased by 20%

4. The duration has been reduced from 10s to 5s of the Sentinel's Andrenaline skill

5. All offensive skills that have a Cooldown greater than 10s have a 20% reduction in their Cooldown

6. The amount of each monster with no ranking needed to kill in the Redemption quest has been reduced from 300 to 150

7. Now the Redemption quest reduces 4 PK points when completed (valid only for missions accepted after the update)

8. The time that the character is immobile when using a return scroll has been reduced from 20s to 7s

9. The market fee for players without active Premium has been reduced from 5% to 4%

10. The market fee for players with active Premium has been reduced from 2.5% to 2%

11. The group XP bonus for equal classes has been increased from 25% to 30%

12. The group XP bonus for different classes has been increased from 50% to 75%


1. A bug has been fixed that allowed you to drop an item anywhere on the map, even if it is very far from the character.

2. A bug was fixed in the chat that sometimes caused the message not to be sent and the player had to type everything again.


1. As usual, several performance improvements have been applied to both the server and the client

New Version - v2021.5.4.4

by: Kahdymus - 16 Apr 21:05:01


1. An automatic Server Saving system was implemented, where now the server will automatically restart every day at 7:00am (GMT +0)/UTC 


1. Fixed bug that prevented the player from taking all the gold at once from the market deposit
2. Fixed bug that occurred when attacking a Protector with active Reflect and Neutral status in PVP, where the damage was reflected and then the Protector's status changed from Neutral to PVP automatically. Now the damage will no longer be reflected if the Protector is Neutral.


1. Removed protection that is based on the mastery level when dying PVP, PK or Outlaw since there is now protection for Neutral players.


1. Updated the libraries used for network communication
2. Updated version of Unity to the latest version

New Update - v2021.5.4.2

by: Kahdymus - 09 Apr 23:21:04


1. Fixed bug that allowed to equip/unequip items while teleporting, this allowed even you remove the skin and became invisible or without clothes.

2. Fixed a bug that did not allow all players to use the map stairs at the same time.

3. Fixed bug where sometimes the skills icon got stuck on the screen and had to be reconnect to remove.

4. Fixed a bug that prevented the player from picking up items from the market if the accumulated amount was greater than the amount of slots available in the inventory.

5. Fixed bug that prevented the skills Refuge, Battlefield and Lapis from appearing on the ground.

6. Fixed bug that sometimes the skill's sounds get stuck, having to reconnect to cancel the sound.

7. Fixed bug where the Flaming, Poisoned, Freezing and Teen Baan arrows prevented the Sentinel from applying Stun with Stun Shot

8. Fixed error message that appeared when a player did not pass the name on the gold coin transfer command

9. Fixed bug that sometimes caused skins to drop when a character died with PK status

10. Fixed bug that caused the game to disconnect if the character died with Outlaw status (Black Skull)

11. Fixed bug that caused the casting time of the basic skill to vary, sometimes faster and sometimes taking twice as long

12. Fixed a bug in Lyrus' healing skills, in which he made him obtain PVP status even without activating the PVP itself

13. Fixed error message on the server when some NPCs tried to drop skills


1. The entire mission system has been rewritten, now it is much lighter and will require less from the server, moreover there will be no more lag when accepting a mission, it will appear immediately upon being accepted.


1. Now when dragging a pack of items, the keyboard will no longer appear automatically, as the vast majority of times players just want to move the pack and not separate it and the Android keyboard appearing in most cases.

2. The text size of the description of the items has been enlarged for a better reading (In the future you will receive your own window, made exclusively for the mobile version)


1. The Refined Collector item, now collects 7 items every 1.6s instead of 5 items.

2. The Master Collector item, now collects 15 items every 1s instead of 10 items.

3. The Protector had an increase in his maximum energy, so he can use 3 consecutive dashs (when the energy is full), so that he will be able to better follow the group.

New Updates - v2021.5.4.0 e v2021.5.4.1

by: Kahdymus - 05 Apr 23:52:16


1. Now the game will check the type of the item when it is used and apply the cooldown time of 1 second.
2. Single target skills will not be spent if you do not have a nearby target, so you will not be at risk of spending recharge time unnecessarily

1. The system that generates sound and visual effects now has a cache, so that the graphical lag on cell phones and less powerful computers is reduced when there are many players close by

1. The entire skill usage system has been rewritten so that the new system allocates about 80% less RAM on the server.
2. Several routines that allocated RAM on the server have been rewritten as well as the skills system, in order to optimize and reduce lags with many players.


1. Fixed a bug that makes player randomly disconnect
2. Fixed bug that sometimes monsters and NPCs becomes invisible
3. Fixed bug that incorrectly showed (or did not show) the rank of monsters
4. Fixed a critical problema that makes some players impossible to login

New Update: v2021.5.3.2C

by: Kahdymus - 28 Mar 13:12:32


1. Fixed performance regression introduced on version v2021.5.3.2B on projectile system

New Update: v2021.5.3.2B

by: Kahdymus - 28 Mar 13:12:20


1. Fixed bug that caused the player to take an empty daily mission

2. Fixed bug that occurred when unequipping items directly on the floor


1. BOSSES now have a double (100% more) chance of appearing.

New Update - v2021.5.3.2

by: Kahdymus - 28 Mar 13:06:43


1. Fixed a spot on the Chameleon Beach map that when disconnecting in a small spot caused the screen to turn black when relogging.

2. Fixed some internal bugs in the projectile collision system

3. Fixed bug that said there was no space in the inventory when trying to get a daily reward

4. Fixed bug when picking up daily tasks and missions, where these took too long or sometimes did not work correctly

5. Fixed bug that allowed modifying text size in the chat


1. A new object generation system for projectiles has been added, aiming at gaining performance and reducing memory usage by the server

2. A new object generation system for the loots was added, aiming at gaining performance and reducing memory usage by the server

3. The time that the loot dropped from monsters is reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds, since loots are always collected before 20 seconds.


1. The Speed ​​gain per Protector's Agility point has been increased by 50%. (from 0.04 per point to 0.06 per point). All classes are able to reach the maximum speed, which is 5.0, but the protector took longer, so that in the early and mid game he could not keep up with the other classes when they hunt in groups.

2. The mission to face Zealosh has returned to the game, now it's for level 50 characters.

New Patch - v2021.5.3.1

by: Kahdymus - 23 Mar 16:33:29


1. Upon reaching level 10 of the character the game will open a little window for the player to review the game

2. The Daily Tasks options now show the levels of the monsters in the NPC itself to assist beginner players in choosing the right task for their level

3. Monsters now have their level next to their name to help beginner players avoid engaging in much stronger monsters

4. Now in the mobile version it will show the information of EXP per Minute and AXP per Minute instead of showing the amount of EXP left to raise the level

5. Now when you receive gold in the market, it will accumulate. For accounts that already have several gold coins to pick up on the market, the new coins that arrive will accumulate in the first slot.


1. Bug that made the screen black when making any changes to the game options has been fixed

2. A bug has been fixed that allowed you to buy items higher than 300 at NPCs. The existing items had their level reduced to 300, since it is not possible to obtain items above this level at the moment

3. Bug that sometimes allowed to complete a duplicate mission has been fixed

4. Fixed a bug that sometimes itens becomes invisible on ground



    - The minimum level to enter the Zealosh area has been reduced from 85 to 50

    - The minimum level to enter the Estarlya area has been reduced from 95 to 65

    - The minimum level to enter the Zeruel area has been reduced from 105 to 85

    - The minimum level to enter the Froshya area has been reduced from 115 to 100

    - The minimum level to enter the Gaarukai area has been reduced from 130 to 125

2. Redemption Task

    - The amount needed to kill monsters with no rank in the Redemption task has been reduced from 1000 to 300 on each monster

    - The amount required to kill veteran chameleons in the Redemption tereph has been reduced from 10 to 5

3. Daily Task - Legendary

    - Now this task contemplates monsters between levels 135 and 350

    - The amount of monsters that need to be killed in this quest has been reduced from 900 to 750

4. Daily Task - Epic

    - This task no longer contemplates BOSSES.

    - Now this task contemplates monsters between levels 400 and 600

    - The amount of monsters that must be killed in this task is 1000

5. Death with Neutral status

    - Now when a player dies with Neutral status (without any type of skull), no items will be dropped, they will only lose EXP.

6. EXP sharing

    - Group XP bonus for equal classes has been increased from 20% to 25% (per character)

    - Group XP bonus for different classes has been increased from 35% to 50% (per character)


1. Some Unity libraries have been updated, aiming at improvements and corrections

2. The module that identifies the area that the player is in has received performance improvements (positive impact on cell phones and computers with less processing power)

New Rule Created

by: Kahdymus - 27 Feb 18:08:48

From now 14 hours and 06 minutes of February 27, 2021 (GMT -3), the player who causes "Toxic Behavior and Disturbance" in the community will be liable to ban, where the ban duration will be determined according to the severity of each situation.

Definition of Toxic Behavior and Disturbance according to the rules:

> Provocation in the game or in the personal sphere on a recurring basis, even if with a low degree of offense, where this causes discomfort, confusion, discord or disorder in the community.