by: Kahdymus - 31 Jan 22:54:09 - Fixed

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New Update - v2022.1.8

by: Kahdymus - 17 Jan 17:39:00

1. Fixed of mini-BOSS respawn schedule, as it was following the same schedules as BOSS.

2. Zealosh EXP reduced by 50%, as he is now a mini-BOSS and no longer a BOSS and will spawn every 2 hours.

3. Fixed a bug to do not show score message after finishing TvT

4. Fixed bug that allowed damage to players with invincibility, ethereal form, etc during TvT.

New Version - v2022.1.8

by: Kahdymus - 13 Jan 17:32:26

1. No damage will exceed 5%. Today some skills are managing to surpass this value quite a lot. This is a bug that will be fixed.

2. The maximum damage in the Protector class will be 2.5%, as this class will be able to better fulfill its role of Tanker/Support, and has the disadvantage of having to get close to hit. And since in TvT the damage is % of HP, your defense is useless.

3. The maximum damage in the Warrior class will be 3.5%, as well as the protector, the Warrior suffers from the disadvantage of not being able to use his heavy armor as a defense and also needs to get close to deal damage.

4. The maximum damage in the Lyrus class will be 4%, as one of the advantages of this class is the high HP and its healing/support skills, but when receiving damage based on %, its high HP was not paying off. However Lyrus can attack from afar, so it will still take 4% damage.

5. The Elementor and Sentinel classes will still be able to take 5% damage as they have the highest ranged damage combos, in addition to crowd control.

6. The maximum amount of energy will be the same for everyone, totaling 150, or 3 dash in a row. The Sentinel will still be able to apply some extra dash when using his skill, as this skill has a moderate cooldown.

7. The TvT system will announce each team's score every 1 minute.

8. When dying, the player will be able to return to one of the 4 respawn points on their side of the arena, the system will choose randomly.

New Update - v2022.1.4

by: Kahdymus - 11 Jan 08:57:32

1. Fixed auto-attack speed

2. Fixed issue preventing TVT NPC from appearing normally/automatically

3. Fixed issue that did not start PVP button automatically when taking player to Arena during TVT

4. Fixed issue that allowed players on the same team to attack each other and score points during TVT

5. TvT will be every 3h and no longer every 4h

6. Fixed bug that NPC Norumbria kept overlapping with multiple clones every TvT

7. Fixed bug in Protector's damage reflect skill, damage will be fixed at 5% during TvT

8. Fixed description of exchanging potions for tokens (it's saying it's 4 tokens, when in fact it's 10)

9. Fixed bug where sometimes the player was teleported, but didn't get any team

10. Fixed TvT ad time as it was announcing 10 minutes and was starting in less time.

11. Fixed a bug in monster's projectiles. It wasn't applying any damage.

New Update - v2022.1.0

by: Kahdymus - 05 Jan 23:26:19


1. It is now possible to repurchase the last items that were sold to the NPC. The value will be the same as the sale value, so it is possible to recover an item that was mistakenly sold without loss.

2. Added a Time vs Time (TvT) mini-game style event

3. Added to Gemini and Izilda teleports leading to Reptile locations

4. A new skin available to buy with gems has been created: Twilight Wizard

5. A new skin available to trade for TVT tokens has been created: Gladiator

6. An EXP potion was created to exchange for TVT tokens, this potion adds 10% of the EXP needed to level up

7. Created an AXP potion to exchange for TVT tokens, this potion adds 10% of each attribute needed to level up


1. The Sunset Forest area is now PVE (previously it was PVP)

2. The Vale do Pôr do Sol area is now PVE (previously it was PVP)

3. The Forbidden Island area (part of the skeletons) is now PVE (previously PVP)

4. The Forbidden Island area (part of the behemoths) is now PVE (previously PVP)

5. The Shadow Castle area (part of the vampires and witches) is now PVE (previously PVP)

6. The Shadow Castle area (part of the Assassins and Queens) is now PVE (previously PVP)

7. The Ice Lands area is now PVE (previously it has some PVP points)

8. The BOSSES areas (Zeruel, Gaarukai and Froshya) are now PVE (previously they were PVP)


1. Zealosh is now a mini-BOSS, it will respawn 1 time per hour and will no longer be part of daily BOSSES rotations.


1. Fixed bug that allowed training figures to drop loot

2. Fixed bug causing target to disappear when trying to select another dead player to resuscitate

3. Fixed bug that made some stun cases last longer than it should

4. Fixed bug that allowed you to unequip an arrow while in combat

5. Fixed bug where the character was invisible and sometimes didn't come back

New Update - v2021.10.5

by: Kahdymus - 30 Sep 13:15:32


1. The amount of RAM used by the game has been reduced by about 30%, this will help reduce crashes on devices with less RAM memory.

2. The amount of network packet/data sends has been optimized for auto-attack, but an improvement in server lag issue.


1. Fixed a bug where the player was sometimes stuck on the wall.

2. Fixed some bugs in the market where it showed incorrect names and descriptions.

New Version - v2021.10.3

by: Kahdymus - 08 Sep 13:34:42


1. Several memory management/allocation improvements were made on the server to reduce lag

2. Improvements have been made in communication between purchase processes using Steam Wallet


1. Fixed a bug where sometimes when trying to invite players to the party it showed that an invitation was already in progress.

2. Fixed a bug that allowed high level players to attack protected players if they had some PVP status.


1. It is now no longer possible to use the Gemini teleport function if it has combat status active (just like when trying to use Scroll of Return).

2. Now the game's basic skill auto-attack will activate only when there is target selected or after starting combat, as it normally is in other games. The idea of auto-attack was never to automate the gameplay or the game farm and unfortunately it was being used for that.

New Update - v2021.10.1

by: Kahdymus - 24 Aug 21:09:32


1. The auto-attack routine has been improved to not be impacted by FPS oscillations and avoid having delays/delays

2. The minimum amount of items retrieved using the 'Advanced Toolkit' item is now 25% of the material (previously it was 1%). In other words, you can now recover between 25% and 50% when activating the recovery (before it was between 1% and 50%)


1. Fixed a bug that prevented materials generated by item destruction from being grouped with other materials

New Update - v2021.10.0

by: Kahdymus - 23 Aug 20:34:29


1. 2x new items have been created to destroy/recover weapons, shields and armor materials

    1.1 Toolkit: This item is sold at NPC Alec for 15k gold coins and at NPC Gemini of Secret Garden (10% off). It has a 30% chance to activate recovery for each material used to forge the item. It can recover a maximum of 25% of each material. This item wears out when used.

    1.2 Advanced Toolkit: This item is sold at the gem shop for 40 gems. When used it has a 75% chance to activate recovery for each material used to forge the item. It can recover a maximum of 50% of each material. This item does not wear out when used.


1. Fixed a bug in Pet Gemini, that when calling him back, if any player had his menu open, the player was disconnected.

2. Fixed a bug where the trade system said the other player had an active trade incorrectly

3. Fixed a bug in the trade system that didn't properly clear the last player who traded when canceling the window by pressing the ESC key

4. Fixed a bug that kept showing message that player is dead when he died with auto-attack active

New Update - v2021.9.0

by: Kahdymus - 18 Aug 15:13:15


1. Auto attack speed has been increased, to keep up with +10 skills

2. Now if you enter a protected area with auto attack turned on, you won't get a message saying you can't use the skill there.

3. It is now possible to activate/deactivate Pet Gemini if using the item again

4. Now to talk to Gemini, just own it or be in the same party as the owner, you don't need to have the buff anymore

5. When calling Gemini, the buff to talk to him will no longer be applied.

New Update - v2021.8.11

by: Kahdymus - 12 Aug 14:46:23


1. Now there is an option to enable/disable auto attack for the basic skill

2. Initial Pet System has been included in the game

3. NPC Gemini is now a Pet and will follow its owner

4. Now the BOSS has a special ability to analyze the players around them and adapt. So the BOSS can get a little more challenging, as they were dying in a matter of seconds.


1. Fixed a bug in Constraint skill where it could stun protected PVP players.

2. Fixed a bug in all abilities that push or pull your enemies, this effect was applied to protected PVP players.

3. Fixed a bug that caused players to be disconnected if they started a trade and one of the players got too far.


1. The power of the Lycanthrope Regeneration skill has been reduced from 15% per cycle to 10% per cycle

2. All BOSS had their EXP increased by 25%

3. All BOSS can now give chests as a reward

4. Behemoth monster loot has been revised and improved considerably

New Update - v2021.8.0.3

by: Kahdymus - 20 Jul 21:19:31


1. A bug in the chat color tags has been fixed.

2. A bug that prevented the correct exchange of private messages between players has been fixed.

3. Fixed a bug that when doing Redemption with Neutral status, the character had PVP status

4. Corrected the name of the teleport option for Behemoths in NPC Izilda


1. Removed EXP validation based on "In Combat" status as it was bad for close range classes.

New Version - v2021.8.0.0

by: Kahdymus - 19 Jul 22:02:59


1. Added exchange/trade system directly between players

2. Added two more shortcuts on the right side of the HUD to allocate items/potions

3. Added a new teleport option that leads directly to Behemoths respawn

4. A new type of area was created, where players can take PVP without penalties and when the player dies he will respawn in the same location

5. An area was created to serve as an arena for players using the new type of area

6. Now it will show the players' level in the chat

7. It is now possible to convert Epic Stones to Perfect Stones (30 Epics will be converted to 1 Perfect)


1. Now players will only gain EXP/AXP if they have combat flags active, this will prevent a player from logging in with 2 characters at the same time and leaving 1 still while hunting with the other. In summary, only active PT players will receive EXP/AXP.

2. The text size has been increased in the skill description and quest window (for mobile).

3. Added a new path in Dryad respawn to improve rotation.

4. Improved the message that the profession level is below the required for the Blueprint. Now it will also show what level is needed in the message.


1. Fixed a bug in Lyrus' healing skill that caused him to open PVP incorrectly.

2. Fixed a bug that caused the screen to turn black when logging in, making it impossible to move the character, even if the player is in areas within the map.

3. Fixed a bug where the HUD send message button was not working

4. Fixed visual bugs on Hazara Island

5. Fixed a bug that when killing a monster, its target was still active on the screen.


1. The duration of the guardian angel has been increased from 30m to 1h

2. The Redemption Quest no longer needs to kill monsters, just talk to the NPC (however the player will still have to give up the Daily Quests to do the Redemption)

3. Chance of Winter Hunters activating the debuff of slows has been reduced by 70%

4. The delay of use of the Freeze Arrow by winter hunters has been increased from 1s to 2.5s

5. The chance of Winter Knights activating the freeze debuff has been reduced from 100% to 5%

6. The loot of the Anaugi monster has been increased:

    - The max amount possible of common materials has been increased from 5 to 6

    - The max amount possible of rare materials has been increased from 1 to 2

    - The max amount of gold coins has been increased from 250 to 265

7. The loot of the Ueit monster has been increased:

    - The max amount possible of common materials has been expanded from 5 to 7

    - The max amount possible of rare materials has been increased from 1 to 3

    - The max amount of gold coins has been increased from 250 to 280

8. The loot of the Olidocorc monster has been increased:

    - The max amount possible of common materials has been expanded from 5 to 8

    - The max amount possible of rare materials has been increased from 1 to 4

    - The max amount of gold coins has been increased from 250 to 300

9. The group EXP share calculation has been revised and now by default all players will always gain 100% EXP, there will be no more splitting. Each different class will add an additional 5% bonus. That is, it will never be less than 100% EXP, but it can be higher if there are different classes.

New Update - v2021.7.0.1

by: Kahdymus - 29 Jun 20:34:50


1. 3 new skins were created: Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Mage and Skeleton Warrior
2. Added an option to teleport from the center of Reptilia to Ebuin Town
3. Now when a PK (red skull) or Outlaw (black skull) player dies, they will respawn in Outlaw Camp. This camp has a store and warehouse NPC.


1. The in-game registration flow has been simplified once again and now only requires the player to enter an email and password. This reduces the amount of text a person has to type, helping especially in mobile cases.
2. The game now allows the player to login using email and password (previously a username and password was required).
3. Now when leveling up or completing a quest, the game will automatically show the way to the next NPC during quests on Hazara Island (tutorial).
4. NPC Yalerik has been brought closer to the other NPCs on the island of Hazara, to assist players who have just started the game.


1. Fixed a bug where Secret Garden NPC Gemini sometimes did not sell their items at a discount.


1. The Shadown Demon respawn has received an increase in its monster density.

New Update - v2021.6.0.0B

by: Kahdymus - 21 Jun 17:20:11


1. Fixed a bug in the condition system (buff/debuff) where it sometimes didn't load correctly when logging in.

2. Improved character protection during login, so that the character does not take damage while being loaded