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New Rule Created

by: Kahdymus - 27 Feb 18:08:48

From now 14 hours and 06 minutes of February 27, 2021 (GMT -3), the player who causes "Toxic Behavior and Disturbance" in the community will be liable to ban, where the ban duration will be determined according to the severity of each situation.

Definition of Toxic Behavior and Disturbance according to the rules:

> Provocation in the game or in the personal sphere on a recurring basis, even if with a low degree of offense, where this causes discomfort, confusion, discord or disorder in the community.

New Update - v2021.5.1.0

by: Kahdymus - 23 Feb 20:11:11


1. Now the game will always notify on Telegram 10 minutes before BOSS is spawned

2. A new option has been added in the settings to enable/disable ambient light effects


1. The smoothness of the attack button in the mobile version has been improved

2. The size of the text, images and buttons on the character creation screen has been increased in the mobile version

3. The size of the text, images and buttons on the game settings screen has been increased in the mobile version

4. The speed of the forge bar has become faster when the player is producing fewer items

5. Attribute debuffs now have their own icon in purple, to differentiate from attribute buff icons

6. The missions overlay below the minimap in the PC version had its layout improved

7. Several performance improvements have been made to the server to help support the game's growth and new players

8. Several performance improvements were made in the mobile version to avoid losing FPS in locations with many players



1. The number of targets for the Karma skill has been increased from 5 to 8

2. Vitali's cooldown has been reduced from 45s to 32s

3. Vitali skill power has been increased by 10%


1. The skill Expertise duration has been increased by 35 seconds

2. The skill Expertise cooldown has been increased by 35 seconds


1. Fireball speed has been increased by 7.5%


1. The power of the Strike skill (default skill) has been increased by 15%

2. The power of the Intervention skill has been increased by 10%

3. Punishment skill's power has been increased by 12%

4. The range of the punishment skill has been expanded from 2.0 to 2.5

5. The duration of the Negation skill has been increased by 5 seconds

6. The Negation skill's cooldown has been increased by 5 seconds

7. The power of the Negation skill has been increased from 70% to 100% of the damage taken

8. Blade Dance cooldown has been reduced by 5 seconds

9. The number of targets for the Blade Dance skill has been increased from 5 to 8 targets

10. The range of the Blade Dance skill has been increased from 0.96 to 1.2

11. Justice's cooldown has been reduced by 13 seconds

12. The power of the Justice skill has been increased by 15%


1. The hit points of all BOSS have been increased by 2x

2. The hit points of the Zealosh Memory mini-boss have been increased by 4x


1. The chance of all stuns has been reduced to just 10% on all monsters (Behemoths, Harpies, Bats, etc.). Before, the chance was 100% for some and 50% for others.


1. A bug was fixed in the skills that fire 2 or more projectiles at the same time that sometimes it did not hit different targets. Example: skill Skill and Punishment

2. Fixed bug in the graphical interface of the market where the sale button was locked when it was informed that the item's value was too low

3. Fixed bug in the Lapis skill, where she sometimes did not heal all 10 targets within the circle

4. Fixed bug in the item type search field in the mobile version market, where she needed to put only lowercase letters to work

5. Several texts / translations have been corrected

6. A bug in the Restriction skill was fixed, as it was possible for enemies to use medicine and its effect was cut, but that of the Protector did not

7. A bug in the collectors was fixed, where it was possible to activate its effect, and the effect remained active even when the collector was no longer in the inventory

8. A bug that was adding too much Karma in some PK cases has been fixed

9. A bug that could not click on the Respawn button when dying, if the player died with the map open, was fixed

10. Corrected a bug in the Gravitational Pulse ability that did not correctly apply Confusion damage and always had 0 damage

New Update - v2021.5.0.0

by: Kahdymus - 17 Feb 17:52:26


- New continent: Reptília

- New monsters: Axitragal, Ognalac, Otragal, Ueit, Anaugi and Olidocorc

- A new command has been added to unlock the character if it gets stuck in solid places, such as walls, mountains, etc. Just use one of the / unlock or / unstuck commands

- A new option was added to make the virtual joystick fixed or dynamic.

- Red coloration has been added to class icons when players are in a group to alert the number of Life Points each player in the group has.

- Added the possibility to move the character using the keyboard for mobile devices

- 2 new skins have been added for the character: Agent Reptilian and Imperial Guard

- 5 new weapon skins have been added: Imperial Sword, Imperial Spear, Imperial Bow, Imperial Staff and Imperial Shield

- The Reagent Crystal item, which is used for Item and Skills Boost, can now be purchased at NPC Alec (in Ebuin City) for gold coins. This item will no longer be marketed by Gems.

- A channel was created on Telegram, where whenever a BOSS is defeated or reborn, a message will be sent there, so that all players who participate in this channel can stay on top of BOSS time.


- The price of the Basic Collector has been reduced from 1 million (1kk) gold coins to 100 thousand (100k) gold coins

- The punishments for PK (red skull) are now stricter:

1. For each PK Point the player has, 1% additional karma is added to the next PK.

2. As long as the player is in PK status, he will receive neither EXP nor AXP.

3. EXP from BOSS will no longer remove karma from PK players


- New monster ranking system, where now the respawn of Veteran, Elite, Champion, Legendary and Epic monsters will be dynamic and any monster on the map can be born with some ranking.

- The accuracy for selecting monsters and NPCs on the map by clicking with the mouse or using your finger on the mobile has been considerably improved

- More guards have been added within the city to control the movement of PK players


- A more intelligent restart system was added to the server, so that when a crash occurs, the server can recover without human intervention.


- Now when a Lyrus or Elementor takes zero damage, the library will no longer activate, this prevented the use of teleportation scrolls.

- A bug was fixed that allowed the Elementor to use the Tornado ability and then the Ethereal Form, making it possible to deal damage and stay invincible for several seconds.

- Bug on totems was fixed, where it was possible to accumulate buffs / debuffs without time limit.

- Bug on the bridge of the initial island near NPC Yalerik has been fixed, there were invisible colliders.

- Bug that prevented the correct login when the character disconnected just above the entrance to the Evergreens cave has been fixed.

Release Notes: v2020.4.4.0

by: Kahdymus - 13 Jan 21:39:38


  • 3 new Sentinel skills have been added: Stealth, Adrenaline and Discharge
  • 3 new skills for the Warrior have been added: Battlefield, Triple Thrust and Vengeance
  • 3 new skills for the Elementor have been added: Stone Shield, Ethereal Form and Thunderstorm
  • 3 new skills for the Protector have been added: Refuge, Restriction and Protection
  • 3 new skills have been added for Lyrus: Lapis, Vitali and Lazuli


  • The size of the bridge on the initial island near Yalerik has been expanded, as it was sometimes in the middle of it and this prevented players from passing it


  • Monsters' HP has been increased by 10%
  • The attack power of monsters has been increased by 5%
  • Sentinel's Skill skill has been modified and now lasts for 15 seconds, but it no longer reduces the attack by 50%, so the Sentinel will hit 2 targets with 100% power for the duration of the Skill.
  • Arcane Protection, which is activated from grimoires, has been modified and it no longer leaves players immortal for 2 seconds, now it expands the Resilience attribute by 100% during this time.


  • Fixed bug that occurs when attacking another player and automatically puts him in PVP mode.

Novo Patch - v2020.4.0.3

by: Kahdymus - 15 Dec 16:48:00

*automatically translated*


- The resource download system has been added just like the one used on mobile, so downloads of updates will be smaller and faster


- Reduction of the minimum version required for installation on Android. Before it was 5.0 (Lollipop) and now it is 4.4 (Kitkat)

- Preparation of payment flow directly through Google Play. (The flow is ready, but it will be released only on Wednesday)


- A visual bug was fixed where it incorrectly showed damage applied during PVP. The damage was shown without reducing PVP.

- Bug that caused the "Bleeding" condition of Warrior skills not to be reduced during PVP has been fixed.

- Bug that did not allow players to buy their first gold coin slots after activating their account packs has been fixed.


- Now BOSSES have a damage limit they can take, even a very strong player will not cause damage beyond that limit, making BOSS live longer, giving opportunities for lower level players to also do damage and also encourage group / team work when you need to kill a BOSS with regeneration skills.

New Patch - v2020.3.1

by: Kahdymus - 20 Nov 00:05:30

*automatically translated*


- Monsters that have attacks that cause paralysis or freezing have been revised and their chances have been reduced, such as the Arctic Fury monster that had a 100% chance to freeze on its abilities and now has only a 10% chance.


- The auction interface has been improved, now cards will be displayed instead of lines. This change improves navigation especially for those using cell phones.

- The messages that are shown when tracking an objective or finding a mission have been improved, so that they are less confusing.

- The performance of when a player opens a store within an NPC has been optimized, as before it caused the game's FPS to drop a lot, depending on the amount of items presented.


- A new account registration flow has been created within the game itself, so there is no need to go to the website to create a new account. This change was made in order to enter the game in the PlayStore.


- A bug has been fixed in which if the player pulled the notification bar while holding down the attack button, the character would continue to attack automatically. There were players using this bug to keep the character attacking without being present in the game.


- A routine was created that identifies server crashes and in 10 seconds it automatically activates it in case of a fall, so that there are no more cases in which it is necessary for a person to go there and start the server manually in case of a fall.

Novo Patch - v2020.2.21

by: Kahdymus - 14 Oct 23:26:38


- Corrigido bug que impedia o carregamento de missões nos NPCs
- Corrigido bug que impedia o NPC Chuck de mostrar as tarefas diárias
- Corrigido bug em que os monstros ficavam invisíveis  e só apareciam após reparação do jogo

New Patch - v2020.2.17

by: Kahdymus - 13 Oct 00:49:41

*automatically translated*


- The server received a BIG improvement in the performance of the monster physics calculation. Even before when the monsters were dormant (when there is no player nearby) the physics system still took these monsters into consideration, now these monsters will be disregarded from the physics system, this generated a gain between 6x and 10x in the server's CPU usage.

- Security routines have been added to prevent incorrect loading of character data during login (sometimes the character logged into items in the body or inventory)


- Now only the region that the player is in is loaded into memory, when the player changes regions, a LOADING screen will be presented and then the old region will be released from memory and the new one will be loaded, this will make the game consume less CPU, GPU and Memory.


- The target system has been improved, and now the game will keep a selected target, even if it goes out of range, so when it comes back close to the target, it will be prioritized


- Now all Life Serums have a usage time of 5 seconds.

- The damage formula of the skills / abilities has been revised and now the power of the skills are really taken into account, that is, a skill with power 100 will do twice as much damage as a skill with power 50.

- The density of respawns was reduced GLOBALLY, the game was going to a path where more and more respawns had to be more and more dense, and this is bad for the game / server, besides giving advantages to classes with a lot of damage in AoE (area damage)

- Area damage from ALL classes for the basic skill has been removed, as classes that had an area attack in the basic attack had a major advantage in PVE over melee classes

- The Sentinel class now using the Skill receives 50% damage reduction instead of 20%, to match the new rule that no class has area damage with basic attacks

- Harpy area is now a PVE area and no longer PVP


- Wall collisions on the map have been fixed so that monsters and characters are no longer thrown into walls.

New Patch - v2020.2.16

by: Kahdymus - 11 Aug 17:10:13


1. Bug fix where the projectile sometimes gets stuck trying to chase the dead monster on the ground

2. Fixed bug in AI of NPCs that prevented attacking monsters

3. Fixed bug in the AI ​​of the NPCs that prevented correct movement and return to the starting position

4. Fixed bug in the collision system of NPCs that allowed them to be pushed into walls

5. Bug fix that showed an incorrect message that the player had no gems when expanding the inventory with gold coins

6. Fixed visual bug in the map in the Ice Lands


1. Now PK players can no longer use teleportation scroll, avoiding escape into the city

2. Antidote values ​​were reduced for sale, as its blueprint started to produce 10x

3. The values ​​of the remedies were reduced for sale, as its blueprint started to produce 10x

4. The Agility attribute now has a level limit of 105, all extra AXP that would go to this attribute is now distributed in the other attributes.

5. The Precision attribute now has a level limit of 105, all extra AXP that would go to this attribute is now distributed in the other attributes.

6. The energy regeneration of the Dash has been reduced, to avoid using infinite Dash, now it will be slower and the player should know better the time to use all his energy

7. The critical chance gain per attribute point has been extended to Sentinels.

8. The critical chance gain per attribute point was slightly reduced for the classes with the exception of the sentry.

9. The duration of the Dash effect has been reduced by 50%

10. Damage during PVP has been reduced for everyone from 25% to 5%


1. The total number of items allowed in the auction has been increased from 2 to 8 for FREE players

2. The total number of items allowed in the auction has been increased from 4 to 15 for players with a VETERAN package

3. The total number of items allowed in the auction has been increased from 6 to 20 for ELITE players and for PREMIUM accounts (even without packages)

4. The total number of items allowed in the auction has been increased from 8 to 30 for LEGENDARY players

5. The auction fee was reduced by 50%

6. Now the first option of NPC Blair is the missions so that it does not happen to return to Hazara Island by mistake

7. Guards have been added at the east exit of Ebuin

8. The distance the player can walk with the NPC window open has been increased


1. The missions offered by NPC Miranda and NPC Blair are now level 7+ so that you don't confuse beginning players when giving a message on Hazara Island that there are missions available on another continent

New Patch - v2020.2.15

by: Kahdymus - 05 Aug 21:08:43

*automatically translated*


1. The game now has 4 types of areas: Protected Area, PVE Area, PVP Area and Event Area

    1.1. Protected Area: It already exists today, are places like cities, ports, etc., where it is not possible to deliver any offensive skills.

    1.2. PVE Area: These will be areas where there is no possibility of giving PK, a player may try to hit another one, but will write the word "Protected" (as it happens with players below 25). However, if the other player also tries to apply damage and both have PVP status (orange skull) the fight can be done normally. But no one will be PK and if the player who was attacked does not fight back, he will not die, as "Protected" will appear instead of the damage. (BOSS areas will always be like this, to avoid BOSS monopoly)

    1.3. PVP Area: These will be areas that will work exactly as they are today, with PK being possible in the same way that it is today. As they are more risky areas, the density of respawns will be better than PVE areas.

    1.4. Events Area: These will be areas where the player can open PVP / PK, die that no one receives any punishment. As an example, they will be areas where BOSS spawn events, or PVP events, or even some castle / war domination system will take place, where players must fight to conquer the place.


1. The EXP / AXP group sharing system has been reworked, now each level of mastery of the character will expand 3 levels in the range of levels that can be shared. For example, a player who has Mastery Level 5 will be able to share EXP / AXP with players up to 35 levels apart. The rule will always be: 20 + (Mastery x 3)

2. The Power Abusers protection system has also been reworked and starts to work in a similar way to the EXP sharing system, following the same rule: 20 + (Mastery x 3), but with the difference that from level 200 onwards there is no longer any type of protection (remembering that now the PK is only possible in areas called "PVP Area").

3. The projectiles (arrows, fireball, etc.) are now more intelligent and adjust their trajectory, so that it is possible to hit moving targets.


1. Fixed bug that caused characters to be synchronized tremendously, as if they had lag

2. Fixed bug that when multiple clicks on goal tracking, started multiple tracking

3. Fixed bug that allowed mastery book to be used before mastery level 10

New Patch - v2020.2.14

by: Kahdymus - 03 Aug 01:11:13

*automatically translated*


1. Base version of Unity has been updated from 2019.4.4f1 to 2020.1.0f1, this brings several improvements to the game, since Unity itself fixes bugs, improves performance, etc.
2. Network management libraries have also been updated, where they also provide better performance, bug fixes, etc.
3. Improvement in the movement synchronization algorithm, now has improved position interpolation, this means that the character / npc / monster does not skip many frames when oscillations occur on the internet, as this algorithm tries to predict the final position and smooths the consequence from the lag
4. The text of the names and titles of the characters / npcs / monsters has had a visual improvement, so that it is easier to see them.
5. The EXP and damage texts that appear when killing or attacking a target have been visually improved, so that they are easier to see.

New Patch - v2020.2.12

by: Kahdymus - 29 Jul 10:03:33

*automatically translated*


1. Layout of items in the auction has been improved so that the button is not on top of the information


1. Boss reward chests are now linked to the character


1. Warrior Skill, Charge, no longer locks the character

2. Warrior skill, Doom strike, no longer locks the character

3. Warrior skill, Fury, now applies its area effects to up to 7 characters

4. The Warrior's HP gained per health point has been increased from 46 to 48

5. Warrior skill, Charge, had cooldown reduced from 24 to 16

6. Warrior Skill, Charge, now has instant cast time

7. Warrior Skill, Charge, had its range expanded from 2 to 2.5

8. Warrior Skill, Charge, now maintains the character with Dash effect for 1 second

9. Reduced the chance of using the Minotaur and Cyclops monsters blessing from 30% to 10%

10. Minotaur and Cyclops monsters' blessing power reduced from 35% to 10%

11. Monster aggression has been modified according to the location and strength of the monsters, stronger and farther monsters are more aggressive now


1. Fixed bug that allowed very fast clicks influencing the speed of the character / item collection

2. Bug in EXP / AXP distribution where sharing between players with more than 20 levels of difference in the same group was fixed

3. Fixed bug where the name of the ADM character appeared in the list of characters in the group.

4. Corrected name of the Stepped skill book, as it still had the name Earthquake

New Patch - v2020.2.11

by: Kahdymus - 26 Jul 04:13:27

*automatically translated*


1. Now the game also shows the projection of the AXP / m on the XP bar


1. The minimap camera is further away for a better view of the character's surroundings

2. The altar stairway where the Zealosh Memory is located has been modified so that novice players can see it more easily

3. Another Champion Spider has been added near NPC Derek, so novice players can find it more easily


1. Lyrus' ability, Karma, now no longer locks the character

2. Lyrus's ability, Karma, now hits 5 targets instead of 4

3. Lyrus' Karma skill has a cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds

4. Lyrus' ability, Lotus, now activates his passive with a 10% chance and no more 5%

5. Lyrus, Lotus's ability to activate his passive has a 75% chance to activate a 35% power blessing or 25% chance to activate the regen

6. Lyrus' ability, Lotus, now has splash damage on up to 4 targets + the main target (total 5 targets). The main target will always take 100% of the damage, but the additional targets will have a penalty of 5% less damage per target, that is, if they reach the 5 targets it will be 100% damage to the main and the others will take 75% of the damage. caused.

7. Lyrus 'passive ability that increased the weapon's attack by 7% for each active blessing (max. 5) has been removed, and these values ​​have been diluted around Lyrus' attributes, abilities and mechanics.

8. Lyrus' ability, Luminaire, now cuts through monsters so that he can heal targets in front of them.

9. Lyrus's ability, Luminaire, has been extended

10. Monsters now chase players for a 3x longer distance, allowing the player to kayitar better

11. The monsters' distance of aggression has been halved, allowing the player to move around better at times when he does not want to engage in combat

12. Bats' respawn has been improved in the Niruth Valley cave, more Veteran and Elite bats have been added to help beginner missions

13. Scorpions' respawn had its density slightly increased

14. Evergreens respawn has had its density considerably increased


1. The Carverneiro monster's sprite has been fixed, because when he died, it became tiny

2. Fixed bug that caused the player to be 100% invisible to himself and the members of the group, which in fact in these cases is only to be translucent

3. Fixed bug in Lyrus' Luminaire ability that prevented it from working properly

4. Fixed bug that did not start combat / fight mode when using skills that no longer hinder character walking

5. Fixed server error that sometimes occurred when trying to calculate EXP of group members away from the monster

6. Fixed bug in the text on one of the stairs of the Abandoned Mines

New Patch - v2020.2.10

by: Kahdymus - 24 Jul 00:44:52

*automatically translated*


1. The information in the attributes window has been refined for a better view


1. The Protector skill, Dance of the Swords, now no longer locks the character when used and has immediate throw time

2. The Protect skill, Negation (Reflect), has its cooldown increased from 17 seconds to 23 seconds

3. The Protector skill, Punishment, now no longer locks the character when used and has its animation modified

4. Sentry ability, Triple Shot, no longer locks the character when used

5. Sentinel, Evasive Shot ability no longer locks the character when used

6. The Sentinel, Stunning Shot ability no longer locks the character when used


1. Fixed bug that caused attributes to become negative when the Protector reconnected with the active Wrath effect

2. Fixed bug that occurred in the lights when starting more than one mission or objective tracking

3. Fixed item type filter icon in the auction

4. Fixed bug that sometimes made the character go towards the target when using Evasive Shooting, instead of going in the opposite direction

5. Fixed bug where the Skills window was already open when connecting

6. Fixed bug where the Perfect Shot ability sometimes pushed the target to the wrong side

7. Fixed text bug in mission overlay below the minimap

8. Fixed bug where level 1 characters did not earn EXP / AXP when facing rats