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by: Diego - 12 Feb 16:20:36 - Fixed



March 2020

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New Patch - v0.17.0

by: Diego - 11 Feb 14:20:25


  • New map MUCH bigger and completely made from scratch
  • Starter island, with missions that will help new players understand the game
  • It is now possible to see the difference in Damage / Defense between the equipped item and the inventory item
  • New potions have been created, with healing based on the potion level
  • New title: Soldier of the Order
  • Tracking system for mission objectives, when the objective is to face a monster or talk to an NPC


  • Exit game button on the login screen
  • Button to return to login on the character selection screen
  • Blueprints now have different colors according to the type
  • Gem packs to sell with discounts according to quantity
  • Description of some skills have been improved
  • Material drop has been revised on all monsters
  • When forging a higher level item, the QUALITY of the previous item will be maintained for the forged item (the RARITY will still be random)


  • XP gain was slightly reduced
  • BOSSES 'HP has been expanded
  • Some missions had their objectives increased, as they were very easy
  • Gems purchased items no longer have NPC value
  • Now, health potions created by alchemists heal based on% HP, while potions sold in NPCs, have a fixed cure according to the potion level.
  • A limit of items for sale in the auction has been created
  • Reduction of casting time / launch of the Warriors' Coup skill


  • Attack of the arrows was not counted in the player's equipment window
  • Explosive arrow activates multiple burns on the same monster in a single shot

New Patch - v0.16.11

by: Diego - 20 Jun 02:33:11


  • Some dropped items were not grouping with others
  • Sometimes the forge window button hangs
  • Items on the market have different description of when it is in your hand. My Offers Only


  • F key action message will now be hidden when a window opens
  • Prices of items have been reformulated according to type: wood, iron, noble, etc.
  • Now is possible to change fields by using TAB key and start connection using Enter/Return key 

New Patch - v0.16.10

by: Diego - 18 Jun 02:35:38


  • Item gets stuck on screen when dragging into inventory and needs to disconnect to clear
  • Market does not automatically update when placing an item for sale
  • Failed to sum up items if you move fast the item with shift pressed in inventory
  • Correction of message when level goes up that still asked the player to buy Quest Finders that no longer exist


  • The item limit that is shown on the auction sale screen has been increased from 30 to 45 inventory items
  • Color of missions overlay text has been improved and a shadow has been added to give contrast

Novo Patch - v0.16.9

by: Diego - 13 Jun 14:42:32


  • Elementor
    • 10% reduction in Fireball skill damage
    • Skill Fire Ball now has area damage (3 targets)
    • Fire Ball skill had its reduced casting time
    • Ball Fire skill had its range expanded by 25%
    • Skill Ice Spear had his casting time reduced
    • Skill Ice Spear had its range expanded by 25%
    • Skill Rain of Meteors had its range extended 25%
    • Gravitational Pulse Ability had its range expanded by 25%
  • Lyrus
    • Lotus skill had its reduced casting time
    • Skill Luminaire had his reduced casting time
    • Skill Luminaire now starts a small healing on the player itself
    • Skill Karma had its reduced casting time
  • Sentinel
    • Explosive Arrow damage reduction of 10%
    • Explosive Arrow now has area damage (3 targets)
    • Arcs now have slightly higher defense points and damage
    • Triple Shot Ability had its slightly reduced cooldown
    • Skill Triple Shot had its damage slightly magnified
    • Explosive Arrow had its chance to activate reduced burn because arrows are no longer consumable now
    • Freeze Arrow has had its chance to activate Slow Reduced since the arrows are no longer consumable now
    • Poisoned Arrow had its chance to activate poison reduced, because now the arrows are no longer consumable
  • Warrior
    • Drilling skill had its reduced casting time
    • Skill Drilling had its reduced cooldown time
    • Fury skill can now be used with HP below 75% and no more 60%
    • Skill Triple punching had its slightly reduced cooldown
    • Skill Triple punch had its damage slightly magnified
  • Protector
    • The strength of the siphon of Justice's ability was reduced not to send the monsters away
    • Skill Punishment now hits more than one enemy (3 targets)
    • Skill Punishment had its range expanded by 25%
    • Skill Punishment had the duration of the provoking effect increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds
    • Skill Judgment had its scope expanded by 12%


  • Drops of arrows have been modified so that they are in accordance with the other weapons, since now they are no longer consumable
  • The% Critical Damage attribute now has a maximum limit of 250% of the damage value applied (in the case of Critics)
  • Improve monster chase routines by reducing CPU and memory consumption.


  • Bug fix in which monsters heal life in case the player becomes invisible near
  • Correction of meteor shower skill, which was initiating 3 Burn effects at the same time
  • Reduction of the time the monster looks for another target to correct times when the monster of 1 hit only changes target

New Patch - v0.16.8

by: Diego - 10 Jun 16:42:32


  • Now the arrows are equipable and not consumable.
  • Sentinel arrow skil has been removed because it has no more use
  • The materials of the blueprints have been modified so that they are the same as the other weapons
  • The blueprints will only generate 1 arrow and will only need 1 arrow to upgrade, just like the other weapons
  • The arrow prices are now equal to the other weapons as well.
  • Additional balancing in classes that were difficult to solo

New Patch - v0.16.7

by: Diego - 10 Jun 00:55:31


  • Alchemist items are not grouping in same slot
  • Finally fixed infinite loading in the market window
  • Regeneration of monsters sometimes active after confusion or invisible skills
  • Blueprint Material Chainmail Footgear is requiring for a Chain Pants instead of a Chain Boot
  • Number of Royal Arrows needed to make Seraph Arrows is incorrect
  • Window shortcuts work when typing in chat, disrupting typing
  • It is possible to walk away from the NPC with the craft window open


  • Do not randomize potions and usable items in craft
  • Beak item drop rate was increased on all monsters
  • Change in the way items escalate their selling price to NPC. Quality was greatly influencing the value and the arrows are without influence

Novo Patch - v0.16.6

by: Diego - 08 Jun 15:47:22


  • Ranking of professions on the site ranking page
  • Vocations Lyrus and Protector were released in the Veteran package


  • Market loading screen sometimes does not disappear. Now it has a timeout of 15 seconds, if it hangs.
  • Market tab "Sell Items" filter does not work
  • Elementor's Tornado skill continues active after elemental dies
  • Skins are still showing incorrectly

New Patch - v0.16.5

by: Diego - 05 Jun 16:40:08


  • FREE package users can now place items for sale at market
  • When using healing items (such as potions) the player will no longer enter fight / combat mode


  • Forging window sometimes several unnamed blueprints
  • Auction window (trade center) sometimes hangs and stays with loading infinity
  • Skins are being presented incorrectly (package and incorrect vocations)
  • Party members are not showing up
  • Auction Item Type Filter is always selecting Blueprint
  • When using a package exchange item (Veteran, Elite or Legendary) the online user always receive more slots in the inventory
  • The character does not exit the Fight / Combat mode even after a long time without fighting
  • Inventory Expansion Item won on the Snake Hunt quest does not work if the character has more than 20 slots in inventory


  • Improvement in the control of sending server network packets, aiming at lag and lag reduction

New Patch - v0.16.0

by: Diego - 06 May 20:28:26


  • Daily Reward is incorrectly changing reward day
  • When picking up many items from the warehouse depot, the item stack gets larger than the 250
  • Lyrus and Shield Skills with Incorrect Description
  • When you pick up coins from the warehouse depot with full inventory it appears that there are no slots available in inventory
  • Help screen text in the chat commands part is incorrect
  • Sometimes, with chat active to write, skill and movement shortcuts still work
  • Chat tabs sometimes switch by themselves
  • Deleting a character from the friends list shows a success message, but it remains in the list
  • Some texts that were incorrect were corrected in NPCs
  • Not showing correct error message when a player tries to create a character with a name that already exists
  • Combat time sometimes hangs and you can not use return items or quit the game
  • When selling stacks larger than 250 in the NPC, it is showing wrong amount


  • Ability "Invested" had its cast time reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
  • Drop of materials has been revised and expanded to various monsters
  • When you switch the target using the Tab key, the sequence will first be the nearest mobs
  • Characters will be ranked by level on the game's connection screen, where higher levels are at the top of the character list
  • The nights are now less dark, even at night you can see the surroundings
  • When trying to buy items in NPCs with full inventory, a message will be displayed instead of dropping the item on the floor
  • The free space validation routines in the inventory have been improved and now if there is space inside an item stack, it will be considered
  • Characters from the free package will now start with 15 spaces in inventory instead of 8
  • Inventory expander purchased with gold coins can now expand up to 20 slots instead of 15
  • A teleport option for the Frostlands has been added to the NPC
  • The player items market has been completely overhauled and improved
  • The BOSSES respawn messages have been translated into en-US
  • Improvements to the site's mail server sending performance
  • The Warehouse Deposit can now be opened directly from the auction, with no need to go to the Hendrick NPC, but items can only be collected in a safe area
  • The item quality and rarity names will now have their own colors in the item description
  • Server and client have had considerable improvements in their performance of sending and receiving network packets


  • GUI
    • All internal game interface has been renewed
    • A new login screen was created
    • A new character creation screen was created
    • A new character-listing and connection-to-player screen was created
    • A new font was used for all game texts
    • The chests drops will now have specific level:
      • Common Chest: 
        • Levels 1-10
        • Total Items: 2
        • Possible Qualities: Basic
        • Possible Rarities: Common
      • Fine Chest: 
        • Levels 11-30
        • Total Items: 3
        • Possible Qualities: Basic and Fine
        • Possible Rarities: Common and Uncommon
      • Masterwork Chest: 
        • Levels 31-50
        • Total Items: 4
        • Possible Qualities: Basic, Fine and Masterwork
        • Possible Rarities: Common, Uncommon and Rare
      • Ascended Chest:
        • Levels 51-80
        • Total Items: 5
        • Possible Qualities: Basic, Fine, Masterwork and Ascended
        • Possible Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Exotic
      • Epic Chest:
        • Levels 81-105
        • Total Items: 6
        • Possible Qualities: Basic, Fine, Masterwork, Ascended and Epic
        • Possible Rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exotic and Legendary
    • Now when using a blueprint the player will learn how to create the item
    • It will no longer be necessary to have the blueprint after the player has learned how to create an item
    • A window with all blueprints learned was created and can be opened in the NPC Herold Ironhead
    • To forge / craft an item, simply go to the NPC Herold Ironhead and open the craft window
    • The drop of blueprints has been balanced according to the profession and will be dropped from monsters of level 10 or higher.
    • The crafts experience has been redefined for a better balance of each profession
  • PVP/PK
    • Support classes now get PVP status if they use their skills on players with PVP or PK status
    • All classes were directly balanced in their base attributes
    • The character will enter combat mode even if he uses a skill or support / healing item and not just attack skills
    • The Quest Finder item has been removed from the game, this functionality is now present in a button in the Missions window
    • A new launcher was created from scratch, with improved performance and packet integrity in the download
    • The look of the character is no longer changed according to the item equipped
    • A standard visual has been added for each vocation
    • Added a new Skins system for character clothing
    • Added a new Skins system for character weapons
    • Option to show / hide the character's helmet has been removed due to the new skins system
    • The character's maximum speed has been increased from 5 to 6 (this speed is increased by distributing agility points)

New Patch - v0.12.8

by: Diego - 04 Jul 23:52:51


  • [Fixed] Group system, does not show the life of players who are nearby
  • [Fixed] Group system, does not show group members correctly when 3 or more members are invited
  • [Fixed] Layer of characters sprites overlapping
  • [Fixed] Group command /invite is generating server errors
  • [Fixed] Window that shows the participants of the group is above the player's portrait
  • [Fixed] Game stays stuck in "Loading ..." screen and does not connect
  • [Fixed] Collision Bug in Lava Slimes, where you can attack them from different floor
  • [Fixed] Some arrows and fireballs are not stuck on the client, causing a drop in FPS
  • [Fixed] Character hangs when attacking, but others keep moving
  • [Fixed] Movement by mouse hangs randomly
  • [Fixed] Black scratches in the scenario sprites


  • [Improved] Group invitation was updated in the help window
  • [Improved] NPC Thognor damage, on the island, has been reduced
  • [Improved] A resource manager has been developed with a cache, so now the sprites loads faster
  • [Improved] Optimized the amount of UDP packets from the server to the client
  • [Improved] Player's trajectory routines, when clicking with the mouse, have been optimized
  • [Improved] Lighting system has been optimized, generating a gain of up to 100% more FPS on some computers
  • [Improved] A new fallback routine to save player data was added when the server closes
  • [Improved] Many scripts that generated network traffic unnecessary were removed
  • [Improved] Routine of saving player data in the database is now synchronized more efficiently

New Patch - v0.12.5

by: Diego - 19 Jun 02:41:21


  • [New] Added a character level indicator below the avatar.
  • [New] Title added to NPCs to indicate their roles.
  • [New] Added new NPC "Gatekeeper", who can teleport players near the hunting areas.
  • [New] Added title to the monsters to display their ranks.
  • [New] An overlay system has been added to show the missions in progress on the screen.
  • [New] You can now invite a player to the group by name, for example: /invite player_name
  • [New] Added a title system for players.
  • [New] When dying, a window with a duration of 60 seconds will appear, for the player to return.
  • [New] A new item was created, "Guardian Angel", while using while dead, the player will revive in the same place.
  • [New] Some player titles have been added as reward for missions.
  • [New] A new player revival system has been created.
  • [New] A new vocation of support and healing has been added to the game: Lyrus


  • [Fixed] Objects get stuck on the server, in some cases disconnect.
  • [Fixed] Internal server error when player attempts to leave Hazara Island without completing all missions.
  • [Fixed] Internal server error, when an arrow attempted to hit a dead monster by another player.
  • [Fixed] Position synchronization component, sometimes does not synchronize position of dead players.
  • [Fixed] Forgetfulness potion adds more attribute points than the player possesses.
  • [Fixed] In some rare cases, the equipped item does not save to the database.
  • [Fixed] Internal server error due to high growth of network packet buffer.
  • [Fixed] Some trees were without collision in the trunk.
  • [Fixed] When using return parchment more than once, before the teleportation, errors occur.
  • [Fixed] It's possible to use attribute points while dead.
  • [Fixed] It's possible to use items while dead.
  • [Fixed] Full Screen is scaling the game the wrong way.
  • [Fixed] Full screen sometimes hangs and you can not go back to windowed mode.
  • [Fixed] When walking, incorrect dash dash appears.
  • [Fixed] "Arrow Dance" skill animation is incorrect, the arrows come out from inside the player.
  • [Fixed] Chat tab doen't automatically scrolls down when tab changes.


  • [Improved] Distance where arrows appear on the screen before it appeared inside the player's body.
  • [Improved] The opening and distance of the basic skill of the warrior has been enlarged.
  • [Improved] Reduced the amount of some types of materials, which they dropped in very large quantity, in the chests.
  • [Improved] It is no longer possible to use a return parchment while there is another asset.
  • [Improved] Illumination of the character has been improved so that it appears in times of need.
  • [Improved] To sell an item in the players market, it is now necessary to be in a protected area.
  • [Improved] Monsters who create summons, now have a limit of active summons at a time.
  • [Improved] The effect of paralysis has been reduced on the abilities of all monsters.
  • [Improved] Conditions of paralysis and confusion have received new animations in their effects.
  • [Improved] Lighting system has been improved and now the light is not over the leaves of the trees.
  • [Improved] The game's soundtrack has been completely renovated.
  • [Improved] The sound effects of the game's abilities have been completely renewed.
  • [Improved] The algorithm to detect nearby players has been optimized for better performance.
  • [Improved] Reduction of black scratches at the edges of map sprites.
  • [Improved] Skill animation "Ice Explosion" has been redone.
  • [Improved] Window where the player's equipment has received internal performance improvements.
  • [Improved] The server's network packet settings have been improved for performance.
  • [Improved] Now the arrows of the "Arrow Dance" ability pursue the target's position.

New Patch - v0.11.1

by: Diego - 09 Nov 22:36:01

  • [Improved] Arrow damage was changed to match the Sentinel's new attack speed
  • [Improved] The projectile system was optimized reducing server resources usage
  • [Improved] Projectiles animation was improved in client, so they will not be influenced by latency/ping anymore
  • [Improved] The ambient light system now have color changes as day passes 
  • [Improved] The basic Warrior skill has a new improved range  

New Patch - v0.11.0

by: Diego - 06 Nov 16:53:34


  • [New] On the website, when there is no player created, warn that it should be created inside the game
  • [New] On the website, show the vocation in the ranking page
  • [New] On the website, add game social networks buttons
  • [New] Now before abort a mission, it will show a confirmation window
  • [New] Added support for high-resolution/retina screens of Macbooks and iMacs
  • [New] If there are arrows in the inventory, they will be automatically equipped
  • [New] Added a new option to show the name and life of all creatures
  • [New] Added a new option to play the game in full screen
  • [New] Added support for using the numeric keypad to cast skills
  • [New] A new item has been added to the gem store that resets the player's attributes for re-use
  • [New] Now you can change the size of the UI (texts, windows and icons)
  • [New] The NPC map marker is now white and group player markers will be green
  • [New] A shortcut bar to use items has been added
  • [New] The game now has support for Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)
  • [New] New lighting and shadow system added
  • [New] The game now has protection against Speed Hack, Memory Injection and DLL Injection
  • [New] Added information about network latency (ping)


  • [Fixed] When dying with alteration of some attribute (curse/blessing) after respawn the change continues infinitely
  • [Fixed] When you create a new character and leave the name blank an unhandled message is displayed
  • [Fixed] Some dried trees have the wrong look on the map
  • [Fixed] It is possible to get target and use skills on creatures that are on other floors
  • [Fixed] If you quickly click you can cancel and duplicate items on the market
  • [Fixed] If you quickly click you can cancel and duplicate items in the market warehouse
  • [Fixed] It is possible to leave the tutorial island (Hazara) before completing the quests
  • [Fixed] With the Gravity Pulse skill it is possible to lure monsters on different floor levels
  • [Fixed] The passive curse that the basic skill of the warrior applies is activating on the player himself instead of the enemy
  • [Fixed] With the Crush of Doom skill, it is possible to self-hit if there is no target nearby
  • [Fixed] When the player is already online and then tries a new login with the same character, he is duplicating the characters on the server
  • [Fixed] Overload on the main network communication channel, causing monsters and other objects invisible to the player
  • [Fixed] Invisibility is not removing the target from the monsters immediately and they are giving a last hit before stopping chasing
  • [Fixed] The Savage Leap skill is passing through walls
  • [Fixed] Warrior skills that use spear are not getting automatic target
  • [Fixed] Skill Intervention is passing through walls
  • [Fixed] Internal error when player change targets using tab
  • [Fixed] Conditions (blessings/curses) are not being reactivated correctly after login
  • [Fixed] When some blessing of vitality is applied the calculation is incorrect
  • [Fixed] If you use a skill that uses arrows in a protected area, the arrow is consumed even if the skill is not activated
  • [Fixed] The Slash skill is hitting 3 targets instead of 2
  • [Fixed] Monsters are trying to walk when they are confused
  • [Fixed] You can use the Rush skill multiple times if you hit the shortcut quickly


  • [Improved] New launcher using Mediafire as file hosting
  • [Improved] New network communication channels have been added, for reduced latency and greater stability
  • [Improved] By pushing an NPC over a certain distance, it will return to its original position
  • [Improved] Respawn has been improved on some points on the map
  • [Improved] Some NPCs have been slightly altered to find them more easily
  • [Improved] Game UI has been optimized, reducing number of calls and cycles, reducing CPU usage
  • [Improved] It is no longer possible to use food items when there is already another of the same type active
  • [Improved] The way in which ServerTime is synchronized has been optimized, allowing a more fluid time in the game client
  • [Improved] The amount of data packets that are sent when one player appears on another's screen has been greatly optimized, greatly reducing network consumption
  • [Improved] Added description for all game menu buttons
  • [Improved] The number of attribute points gained per level has been reduced from 3 to 2, ensuring a better balance among classes
  • [Improved] The Attack speed of the Shoot Arrow skill has been increased
  • [Improved] The attack speed of the Triple Shot skill has been increased
  • [Improved] The Perfect Shot skill had its damage reviewed and now pushes the target when hit
  • [Improved] The attack power of basic skills and weapons were reduced/balanced
  • [Improved] Heavy armor defense was reduced/balanced
  • [Improved] Players below level 10 can no longer be hit by other players
  • [Improved] Players below level 10 can no longer enable PVP
  • [Improved] The strength and defense of the monsters were balanced to meet the new attributes
  • [Improved] The Protector vocation will now start with shield
  • [Improved] The loots and experience of the monsters Zealosh and Zeruel were modified
  • [Improved] The attribute level was separated from the base of each vocation
  • [Improved] Collision physics between monsters has been optimized, reducing CPU consumption
  • [Improved] The artificial intelligence of the monsters has changed and now they are no longer pushing the player when they are close
  • [Improved] Optimizations in the path-finding algorithm
  • [Improved] The game layout has changed, the skill bar is now at the bottom of the screen
  • [Improved] The amount of arrows that the Spell Spells skill has been increased from 30 to 45
  • [Improved] The duration of the fury skill has been increased by 10 seconds, but will only work when the player's HP is 60% or less
  • [Improved] Fireball skill range increased from 0.32 to 0.48
  • [Improved] The duration of the Reflect condition on Denial skill was increased in 3 seconds
  • [Improved] The basic materials drop was increased on all monsters
  • [Improved] The defense multiplier on Warrior class was re-evaluated and balanced
  • [Improved] Rush skill now applies a single hit with full power instead of multiple minor damage
  • [Improved] The damage of the spears were re-evaluated and balanced

NewPatch - v0.10.6

by: Diego - 01 Oct 17:59:25

  • [Fixed] Market are returning incorrect values when item has an amount greater than 250
  • [Fixed] Fast clicking on market buttons cause strange behaviour